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Kampala 1 Day Safari Tour to Ngamba Chimpanzee Island

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1 day Safari (Tour) -  Ngamba Chimpanzee Island Sanctuary

1 day Safari (Tour) to the Ngamba Chimpanzee Island Sanctuary

1-day Safari (Tour) -  Ngamba Chimpanzee Island Sanctuary, UgandaThe 100 acres Ngamba Island is about 22 km offshore from Entebbe.  It is a forested Island providing a safe refuge for orphaned chimpanzees that are free to roam on this beautiful piece of land.
A visit to the Island offers you a great chance for close viewing of the chimps in their natural habitat.

Ngamba Island was officially opened to visitors in October 1999 and is currently home to over 50 orphaned chimps and integrating new rescues seems to be a labor-intensive operation from a dedicated staff.
Pre-arranged supplementary feeding times (11.00 am & 3.00 pm each day) brings the chimpanzees to within meters of the raised walkway specially designed for easy viewing and provides tremendous photographic opportunities. You learn much about their behavior and the challenges faced in bring them up. The forest walk with the chimpanzees and the interaction (optional and you pay extra for that) is indescribable. There are sanctuaries and sanctuaries in Africa.....this is a TRUE SANCTUARY that looks OVER the well being of the animals and is the very first that managed to introduce older families with younger groups
Walking with the chimps, hold them, watch them interact is amazing although somewhat scary when you are witnessing it for the first time, - seeing them being invited into their cages for their meal is exciting. The handlers love the chimps and treat them with great love and respect.

The food at the Island is excellent. It’s a lot of work to get all the medical shots and information sent prior to the visit but it was well worth the effort. If you only have money for one thing in Africa, I would recommend this over a safari.

The One day Visit to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary – Amazing and there is nothing like it!   

Kampala 1 Day Safari (tour) - Ngamba Chimpanzee Island SanctuaryWe pick you up from your lodging,  you are transferred the meeting point in Entebbe at the UWEC Not far from the Entebbe airport.
We are joined by other participants and we’ll take a pleasant (45- an hour) speed boat ride on Lake Victoria as you cross over to the Ngamba Island. Just the boat trip across to Island to cross the equator and see all of the amazing flora and fauna on the lake is worth it.

On arrival at the Island, you are given a short introduction and briefing on the sanctuary like why it was established and the back ground as well. The staff is informative, passionate and able to answer all questions. It is obvious that they care about the chimps very, very much. They can tell you, without thinking, the story of each & every chimp & how they got there & can identify each chimp by name immediately upon sight - and there are almost 50 of them. It is also obvious that the chimps love the caretakers - playing with them & wanting to hang around them more than the visitors, in general.
You will reach in time for feeding the Chimpanzee and you will watch them feed. Watching the chimps ride on each other's backs, roll around, raise their hand for food & use sticks to get the food that doesn’t quite make it over the fence.
Kampala 1 Day Safari (tour) - Ngamba Chimpanzee Island Sanctuary, UgandaSpend about 1 hour with the chimps and later in the afternoon take a rest at the pool side or the lake shores as you wait for the next feeding of the chimps to watch them feed. The sanctuary is a habitat for our closest relatives the chimpanzees, - interesting to seeing them jumping along the branches and seriously these are our fellow humans because they respond as people make communications to them.

You spend money but It all goes toward a good cause & these chimps would probably not be alive but for the sanctuary, and in my humble opinion, the experience is priceless and beyond amazing.
You will then transfer back to Entebbe After which, it’s feeding time!

It is interesting to watch the chimps interact with each other and with their keepers. In the relatively short amount of time you are there you will be able to see such different personalities amongst the group, with some whistling for food and others clapping. Obviously the ideal option would be to re-introduce these orphaned chimpanzees to the wild however this is not possible for a number of different reasons and the sanctuary is not bad for second best.

This tour is possible any time of the year. It can also be included in your bigger safari itinerary, done at the beginning or end of the safari trip.

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