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Kampala: Arriving and Departing Entebbe International Airport- Simple things that may count

Arriving at Entebbe International airport

Entebbe International Airport, Uganda Airport Code EBB

Things you simply have to know before flying to Uganda. Learn and act before it’s late.

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When you arrive at Entebbe Airport in Uganda, you will exit off the plane on the runway. Walk inside where you must go through customs, you will need to fill out a card for a visa.  This could take 30 minutes or so depending on the number of passengers on your arriving flight.  The visa will cost you 50 US dollars.  Arriving at Entebbe International Airport for visa

Also, have your passport out this is where they will put the stamp for your visa.  After you get your visa stamp on your passport, go pickup your luggage just like any normal airport.  Proceed out the doors, do not go through the security unless you have to.  If they ask you why you are there you say "holiday" or “mission trip”.  They will or may ask if you have any new goods you are bringing over?  Answer no, hint (if you are taking any new items over as a gift, cut the tags off before you go).  If you do not they could charge you for the new items you are bringing with you.  After you get through this point, go outside and you will see a few taxis. 

Try to arrange your ride from the airport before you even arrive. For a good driver the ride from Entebbe airport to Kampala will take 40 minutes to an hour and that is when the traffic is good, on a busy day (like Saturday and Sunday afternoon till late pm) however, it might take up 1½ hrs but night time might be less than 40 minutes. Just before confirming your airport pick up arrangements, go here to see things you should consider, so you can have the perfect size and you may not be overcharged.

If you are staying in Kampala, good places to get money converted are the malls.  There are about three malls now; Garden City, Grand Imperial and the Nakumatt Oasis mall. So everyone should know what you are talking about, there are banks inside the mall that will convert money for you.  Banks’ conversion rates are still unfavorable, its always better you do it in any of the forex bureaus at mall. The larger bills convert for a higher exchange rate.  Also, the dates on the bills make a difference.  They want newer bills.  Do not convert money at the airport unless you have to. Check out this link to have a better understanding about money conversion in Uganda, credit cards, ATMs, traveler’s cheques and so much more.  

If your ride from Entebbe Airport to Kampala is set for day time, you will see police and traffic officers almost after every two kilometers.
Caution: one more little tip that may help some people out; do not take pictures of any type of government agency or official and or government buildings including police officers.  This could get you in trouble.

Departing From Entebbe Airport

departing Entebbe international airport ugandaMake arrangements to be back at the airport at least two hours before your flight.  When you arrive at the airport gates you may or may not have to get out of the vehicle and walk through security, the driver will stay in the car.  Then you must pay 2500 shillings (about $1) for parking. Better if you arrange everything with the driver so you don’t have to be involved in all that.  Then you just unload at the door kiss Uganda goodbye, wipe a tear from your eye and get on the plane!!  Well actually you will go through and check in your luggage just as usual.  If your are bringing back souvenirs make sure and put them on your carry on to prevent them being broken, there will also be a place to "glad wrap" your breakables for a small fee. Feel free to contact us for advice regarding you airport pick up by checking this link, no matter your team size and what time it might be. We can advise free of charge.

Customs – Entebbe Airport, Uganda

Duty Free Imports and Exports at Entebbe Airport

The following items may be imported into Uganda without incurring custom duty: 400 cigarettes or 500g of tobacco; one bottle of spirit and wine and 2.5 litres of beer; 1oz bottle of perfume. Souvenirs may be exported without restriction but game trophies such as a tooth, bone, horn, shell, claw, skin hair feather or other durable items are subject to export permits

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