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Kibale Chimpanzee Forest - The Tropical Rain Forest Experience in Uganda, Africa

Kibale National Park is in South Uganda about 320 kilometres (5-6 hrs) by road, west of Kampala on 766 km². The park forms a continuous forest with Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is an important eco-tourism and safari destination, popular for its population of habituated chimpanzees and 12 other species of primates. It’s the best place to see chimpanzees in East Africa with about 5000 chimps.

Chimpanzeesare the stars here, plus great hordes of monkeys, giving this small national park one of the highest primate population densities in the world. Chimp tracking is not as strenuous as trekking the gorillas, but you don’t get as up close and personal either. The chimps tend to keep a safe distance in the tall trees, chomping on fruit. – It’s a fascinating experience for the uninitiated.

Kibale Chimpanzee Forest - The Tropical Rain Forest Experience in Uganda, Africa

3 Day Kibale Forest Jungle Experience Chimpanzee Tracking Safari

13 Varieties of Primates including about 5000 Chimpanzees - 325 birds species, Bush Babies, Pottos - Forest Walks & Village Visit

A unique stay in the Jungle of Kibale Forest

Two Nights in a Tree House and Three Days in the African Jungle of Kibale Forest.

3 Day Experience of the unpolluted Jungle of Kibale Forest With Lifetime Experience Safaris
Stay in a Tree House 6 meters above the Ground.

3 Day Kibale Forest Jungle Experience Chimpanzee Tracking - tree house

Day One:  Leave Kampala early and head for the jungle of Kibale Forest - The only Jungle in East Africa.  Arrive at what Lonely Planet calls the best place to stay at Kibale Forest - Chimps' Nest.

Stay in a Tree House - Kibale chimpanzee trackingWarmly greeted and taken your most unique lodging for the next two nights in Kibale Forest - The Tree House at Chimps' Nest.  Six meters above the ground.  High in the tree house - up some steps is your jungle experience.  You will be most amazed - the view around you - trees - exotic birds, butterflies, monkeys. Up to three people can stay at the Tree House.  (this safari is only booked if a tree house is available at Chimps Nest since the Tree House is an integral part of your Experience in the Kibale Jungle.)

Your Tree House is self contained but use water sparingly since it is transported up each day.  Most likely your mind will not be on that but on what surrounds you and what is below you

Lunch in the Jungle - a lovely treat with local ingredients - cooked up by well trained staff and served in a gracious manner.

After lunch - take a guided forest walk around Chimps' Nest and or simply sit on our Tree House Veranda and enjoy your jungle surrounding.  Take in the sights, the sound and the smells - just this experience will be have been well worth your trip from Kampala.

Dinner at Chimps Nest.

After dinner it is a short drive for a most unique experience - a nocturnal walk in the Jungle of Kibale Forest - spotlights are used on this guided walk through the jungle.  Look out for Pottos and Bush Babies - and for other creatures of the night in the jungle.
Return to Chimps' Nest and your Tree House - from above spot the Forest Elephants below you - at times you will find them in the morning.

Day Two:  Breakfast in the Jungle at Chimps' Nest and this morning is your big event - chimpanzee 3 Day Kibale Forest Jungle Experience Chimpanzee Trackingtracking in the Jungle of Kibale Forest.  This is a three to four hour experience - there are 13 different kinds of Primates at Kibale Forest and you visitor will usually see about 5 other species of primates besides chimpanzees.  Chimpanzees move daily - making new nests for the night - there is some walking involved but you will find most enjoyable.Lunchtime at Chimps' Nest.

Afternoon the Jungle Experience continues at the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary for a nature, birding and wildlife and see both mammals and birds in their settings.

You will need good walking shoes since part of the walk will be quite muddy.  Hopefully you will spot the elusive Sitatunga Antelope and the Shoebill Stork.  This is nothing to be missed.  You will meet some of the same primates here, even a chimpanzee at times.  There is also an abundance of butterflies and quality birds found here.

Two Nights in a Tree House and Three Days in the African Jungle of Kibale Forest.Kibale National park, is about 3,300 feet in elevation, it’s an extension of the great rainforests of central Africa. It is inhabited by three large “communities” of chimps, each numbering more than 100 individuals. Each community has a complicated social structure. The big adult males dominate the group and defend the community territory against incursions by male outsiders; the females usually wander in small family groups. Return to your lodge for lunch and relaxation in the afternoon. Dinner in evening as you arrange for the next day. You may want to learn more about the Chimpanzees of Uganda,..go here Kibale Chimpanzee Forest - The Tropical Rain Forest Experience in Uganda, Africa

Dinner at Chimps' Nest
Relax at your Jungle Tree House
Day Three:  Breakfast in the Jungle at Chimps' Nest Restaurant and we check out - a visit to a traditional Village - Church-School, a time with a Mzee which is an elder and seeing traditional food preparation and also a time with a traditional healer.

Grate things, including your time in the jungle comes to an end - off to Kampala with a stop for lunch - reach Kampala in the early evening.
If you want to add this safari to Gorilla Tracking and or Queen Elizabeth Park Wildlife - please let us know.

You may consider spending more time (probably all day) with the Chimps, and not just a 3 hour chimp trek of which just one is spent with the chimps. You can do an all day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience at US$ 220 per person. Confirm this price by checking on the Current UWA entry and visiting fees. ... this is possible any time at the Kibale Forest. – may be you want to think about it and let us know? ...the choice is yours, ...just me being curious to your thoughts about this incredible experience.

The 3 Day Private Safari includes:
  • Private 4x4 Vehicle and Driver/guide
  • Fuel
  • Full Lodging including Meals
  • All park entrance fees including Vehicle
  • Lunch back to Kampala
  • Bigodi wetland walk
  • Chimpanzee Tracking Fee/permit(s)
  • Bottled Water for the journey

  • Kibale Chimpanzee Forest - The Tropical Rain Forest Experience in Uganda, Africa - Uganda
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