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Kidepo Valley National Park Information - Uganda

Facts and Information about Kidepo Valley Park - th guide

Found North East of Uganda bordering Kenya and South Sudan.

Kidepo Valley National Park is located in the North East Region of Uganda, home of the Karamajong pastoralists.  A tribe that dances to the beat of its own drummer, defying a changing world and living in its ancient ways. Kidepo Valley National Park reflects the nature and character of the people who call this area as their home.

Driving to this park means covering a distance from Kampala of at least 705 kilometers and if you take some different routes as many as 792 kilometers.  In other words most people choose to fly instead since it would take a good days at least and the roads go through some rough country.  Most people fly here, which at the present petro and diesel prices might even be a lower price than driving, and once you are here, arrangements are made for transportation at Kidepo Valley Park.

There are only two places to stay, Up-Market at the Apoka Lodge, a relatively new lodge and absolutely fantastic, or the Apoka Rest camp run by the Uganda Wildlife Service where you have to bring your own food.  Don't get discouraged, the park is well worth it any trouble getting here or bringing in your own food.

Imagine a fabulous savanna landscape ending up in Mountains and you have Kidepo Valley.  People say it looks more like Kenya than Uganda, but it is Uganda and the park is filled with wildlife, birds and many are different than in other parts of Uganda.

The climatic conditions vary in the park and therefore you have a wide variety of flora in these 1,442 square kilometers that make up this very unique park called Kidepo Valley National Park.

80 different kinds of mammals are found here, 28 of which are found nowhere else in Uganda.  Tree Climbing lions are found here during the day as they tend to roam at night, Herds of Elephants, Buffaloes, Giraffes, 5 kinds of primates, bat-eared fox, striped hyena, aardwolf, caracal, cheetah and hunting dog, eland, bush buck, bush duskier, defassa water buck, bohor reed buck, jackson's hartebeest and oribi.

There is nothing such as Kidepo and one other thing, you are alone, there are not many people around.  One of the quietest game parks in Africa, only you and Nature