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Rwonyo Rest Camp - Lake Mburo National Park
Rwonyo Rest Camp, Lake Mburo National Park Accommodations/Lodging

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Rwonyo Camp: Basic accommodation, budget facility operated by UWA in the park centre of Lake Mburo National Park.

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Lifetime Experience Safaris cannot guarantee that your stay at an accommodation facility will be 100% satisfactory. We can only go on the experience of our guests and their comments and personal visits.  When we recommend a lodging facility it is because many of our customers have spoken or written favorably of this facility. We recommended that you do not have to base expectations on the experience of your country where "everything is available". Try being flexible and have a better understanding of your lodging choice, let the differences be part of your African Adventure. You will be enjoyably surprised by the quality of service you will receive.

Rwonyo Rest Camp (Budget)

rwonyo1Rwonyo Rest Camp is operated by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.  There are tents as shown on the right ….and then there are bandas which are cabins.  Basic accommodation. 
Here you can experience a tented camp without the added price.  There is choice of restaurants available to you and you can eat at Arcadia Cottages or the more basic lakeside restaurant.  This is a perfect choice for budget travelers but the tents are not always available.

Rwonyo rest camp is one of the few places operated by U.W.A where furnished tents are available.  It is not Mihingo Lodge but then there is a difference in price.
Main Camp is a traditional 'turn up and pitch your tent' ground, and there are also 2-3 bush camps linked to it. You need to be fully self sufficient. It's right by the jetty where the boat trips go from and it does have a small restaurant at the jetty.
Rest Camp is just a bit inland from Main Camp and has bandas (wooden huts) with shared showers and the tents with their own showers

One special thing about you would find interesting about Rwonyo is the wildlife that keeps coming through the camp. Bushbucks, Impala, Waterbucks and Warthogs mainly but you never know. Plenty of Leopards around. Do not walk to the Restaurant unescorted. Hippos.
Birds too of course. If you’re doing birds the lake has African Finfoot and Papyrus Gonaleks. (If you don't do birds you will have no idea what I am talking about.)

If you like to include Rwonyo Rest Camp in your itinerary, please let us know.

Lodging Choices at Lake Mburo Park – Uganda

Mihingo Lodge (Up-Market - Luxury) A tented camp that is self contained. Some built on wooden platforms have a lake view while others are in a forest.  You will not know that you have neighbors.  There is a fabulous swimming pool, dining in style with food to write home about, simply class and luxury in the wilderness.

Rwako Rock Lodge – Moderate The cottages and the restaurant area are very cozy. You can enjoy a stunning view from there. In the rooms is enough hot water and you can charge your electronic devices at the bar. The staff is attentive and very kind. There is a beautiful little swimming pool as well. The food is good, and the accommodation is clean and spacious.

Lake Mburo Luxury Tented Camp (Budget):  Tented camp that has a unique style along with experience in Safari Lodging, all with a sense of class.  Located inside of Lake Mburo National Park.  A camp in the grand safari tradition.  You will be glad that you came..

Rwonyo Rest Camp (Budget): Operated by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.  There are tents as shown on the left ….and then there are bandas which are cabins.  Basic accommodation.  You can experience a tented camp without the added price..

Arcadia Cottages (Moderate):Even as other places are very nice, this new venture has a lot going for it. It is quite 'central' to other park activities such as walking safaris and a trip on Lake Mburo.

New Lodging property: We will update the above list once we have some customer feedback. If youre interested in staying at a facility in the area and its not listed here, write to us and we'll send you free advice, getting your booking confirmed and also posting thier profile information on this website.


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