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Ndere Cultural Centre - Kampala

Ndere cultural centre - Kampala

If you want to know about uganda, visit the Ndere Center - lots of fun!

If you’re interested in traditional dance and music, try to catch a dinner-theatre performance of the Ndere Troupe. Ndere Centre has been around for many years performing the songs and dances from various tribes in Uganda as Rwanda. An evening that will simply delight you as you watch various performers in traditional dress charm the audience with skills in dance and musical instruments that are just great. The troupe has a lovely base way out in Ntinda, which includes a 700-seat amphitheatre, a restaurant-bar and a guesthouse.

Ndere Centre Kampala - things to do and see in Uganda

Ndere Center encapsulates the history of Uganda. It promotes tradition skills and knowlege, and uses music, dances, and oral histories allowing you to relive Uganda. The MC uses an edutainment model, and you will be amazed by his wits. The high-energy show takes place every Sunday from 6pm to 9pm, while Wednesday has storytelling and Fridays afro-jazz from 7pm to 9pm. You can have some snacks or dinner while the troupe entertains you and eat some traditional foods. This is a must for visitor once there is time,... don't miss it. Check the group: they have the energy and passion. Dance with them and do the uganda style.

Ndere Center - things to do in Kampala

Ndere Cultural Center - Kampala, things to do and see

Ndere Centre - Things to do and see in Uganda, Kampala

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