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Paying for Fuel if hiring a Car & Driver in Uganda

Pay for fuel is hiring a vehicles & driver in Uganda

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If you contact car hire operators in Uganda, for a quote most come back for car, with driver (including all his costs), unlimited mileage but EXCLUDING fuel. Well, that's fine but you may still help explain how you would pay for the fuel - at each re-fueling gas station - given receipts at end of tour - charged an overall amount based on miles covered? You don't really want to go for a Car + fuel basis because you want the flexibility of changing your plans and hence mileage. What is the norm?

paying for fuel in ugandaYou take the car with the driver for a fixed sum to include Insurance etc., for a fixed rate per day and buy you own fuel. When you need fuel, just put it in and pay the Pump attendant in cash. Always remember to ask for a receipt if you need accountability,... work with your driver. You could arrange for the driver to have a float and you settle later but it is just so much simpler to pay yourself as you go.

Take it full, bring it back full: Such arrangements are not particularly common in Uganda as of course most folks get the car/driver package as part of a full blown safari excursion where the owner estimates the cost of fuel to be consumed based on a known itinerary. And we definitely do that to our customers who need to plan/budget ahead of time..

Yes!, ....its an added hassle to pay at each fuel-up but at least you know how much fuel you've used rather than an overall estimate the operator has come up with at the start of the trip - surely fuel consumption must vary! You may decide to just take it easy a day or two and do no traveling – (of course we do get your money back then) but not many tour/car hiring operators are that flexible.
I am not suggesting that the driver will trick you, but helps if you are on a tight budget so just need to keep an eye on $.

Paying for fuel if hiring a car and driver - Uganda
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