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2017 Promotional Uganda Gorilla Tracking Permits at $450

Promotional gorilla permits at $450 - save $150 on uganda gorilla permits

Uganda Gorilla Permit off Season Sales – Save up to 25%; Buy the Uganda Discounted Price Gorilla Permits at only 450 USD – Save 150 usd – Offer valid for April, May and November 2017

Uganda Gorilla tracking experience at a subsidised $450 price

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Gorilla Trekking is one of the most unique things that you can do while traveling around Africa. Gorillas are found in Eastern Africa on the borders of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda.

There are two things to keep in mind when booking a gorilla trekking tour: the permit costs and the cost of the tour itself. All governments require everyone to get a permit to see the gorillas. The normal price for a gorilla permit in Uganda is $600 and $750 for Rwanda. Uganda however reduces permits from 600 usd to 450 usd for Foreign Non Residents, $400 for foreign Residents and 150,000 Uganda shillings for East African Citizens during off season months of April, May and November of 2017. This plus other regular Lifetime Experience Safaris promotions such as free airport transfers might save you over $200 on your Uganda safari.

In a statement by the UWA Executive Director (November 2013), “the promotion is aimed at giving back to UWA’s esteemed customers during this off-season months. The promotion is open to all tour operators and partners will be guided by the following guidelines. The promotional period will run for the months of April and May November”. Go here for detailed current UWA tariffs.

This is one of the plans by the Uganda Ministry of Tourism to allow more people to participate in Gorilla Tracking at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. We hope for 96 permits per day soon. This means that 96 people each day can go gorilla Tracking. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has a total of over 36 Gorilla groups of which 12 are habituated for tourism, one Gorilla family is for research and one new gorilla group is presently being habituated for human presence and more permits will be available soon. Right now only 96 permits are available each day.

Bwindi is also home to over half of the world's remaining Mountain gorilla 880 population. In 2012 - argument centered on increasing the price of Gorilla Permits to a range of $600–$750 - the reduction twice a year to $450 per permits is very welcome-most of all by visitors to Uganda who can save $150 and track Gorilla in the same location of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

This year, visit Uganda in the months of April, May or November and take advantage of this discounted Gorilla Permit Price - email us or call +256 777 201697 today, mention the dates you would like to visit Uganda and also the gorillas to benefit from the low priced gorilla permits and we will send you our lowest price quotes on a private gorilla tour in Uganda for our list of Mountain gorilla trekking itineraries.

Now during the off-season we hope to receive more tourists as it is in the peak season. Most people want to travel during the off-season but sometimes because of the prices, they decide not to travel.

I think that is the logic. The number of gorilla groups has grown to cope with peak demand.

Jan, Feb, Mar, June-October and December however remain at US$600/permit.

So anybody able to visit in the off peak months gets a real bargain.

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