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Rwanda Gorilla Permits increase to $750Uganda_Mountain_Gorilla

As of June 1, 2012 Rwanda Gorilla Permits cost went up from the regular 500USD to 750 USD. Prices for mountain gorilla permits were increased by 50% across the board; the cost for foreign residents rose from 250 USD to 375 USD, and permits for Rwandan nationals will rise from 20,000 RWF to 30,000 RWF.

Here is my simple practical advice – more people are choosing to go gorilla trekking in Uganda this year.  Make your plans on time that you do not miss your visit with the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda at Bwindi Impenetrable forest the best country to track mountain gorillas...jesse-tom See more gorilla tracking (Trekking) information here.

"Uganda - Best of the World trips - 2013"

Many people around the world love to agree that Uganda is undoubtedly the best and the fastest grUganda_Zebrasowing tourist destination in East Africa and in Africa. Last year, it was named the best travel destination by lonely planet.  Many people who have travelled to Uganda recently would be witnesses to this truth as the experience of gorilla tracking, stunning green scenery and views of the beautiful natural features has given them a memorable African Jungle Safari experience.  

National Geographic Society has again recommended Uganda for the “Best of the World trips in 2013” for the first time since one of the Mountain Hikers from this same esteemed organization named Mountain Rwenzori as one of the best 15 hiking places  in the world. Read more