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Uganda Tourist Visa Information

Practical and helpful information and advice help you obtain your tourist Visa to Uganda

Uganda makes it quite easy for tourist to visit the Pearl of Africa. Since tourism means money invested in Uganda's economy.

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There are two simple ways to obtain a tourist visa to Uganda:
Nationals of most countries require a visa in order to enter Uganda. This can be purchased in advance at any Ugandan embassy or high commission abroad in many countries such as Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russian Federation, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA.  This is usually done by applying either in person, with two passport pictures and an application that you can download from the Embassy website in your country of origin.  You can also look for instructions as to how to mail it to them with express mail of some kind and receive it back to you in a short period of time. Two photos required and the visas issued within 24 hours, or possibly same day if you ask the embassy staff nicely enough.

The second and usually simpler manner is to buy the visa upon arrival, a straightforward procedure that takes a few minutes at Entebbe International Airport or any overland border. Though inevitably some queuing is involved most people will still find it more convenient, not to mention cheaper than travelling twice into the middle of London (for example) to submit a later collect their visa. Visa rulings are prone to change, we then suggest all visitors to check the current situation with their travel agent (Lifetime Experience Safaris) or a Uganda diplomatic mission before they travel.
A standard single-entry valid for three months, costs US$50. Student visa cost US$20. Multiple-entry visas are only available at Uganda consulates abroad – these may often cost more than two single-entry visas anyway and not at entry points into the country. Travellers with a single-entry visa intending to leave and return to Uganda (eg: go track gorillas in Rwanda)must purchase another US$50 visa on re-entry. If however you intend to spend less than seven days in Uganda before leaving again you can purchase an inland transit visa for only US$15. There’s talk, but as yet no action, of a single visa covering regional travel between Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Important Note
Immigrations authorithies now generally only stamp your passport for a maximum of only one month upon arrival. This can be extended without charge to three months at any immigration office. In Kampala, you may be asked to provide an official letter from the sponsor or the hotel where you are staying. In Jinja, recent reports suggest you are more likely to have your stay extended to three months without any paperwork.

Things you will need to obtain your Uganda visa upon entry

  • Valid Passport issued by your country of origin.

  • International Health Certificate showing that you have had a yellow fever shot.

  • Return Ticket to country of origin:  This is usually not asked for, but can be.

  • Enough funds or ways to obtain funds:  In some rare situations, you might be asked if you have sufficient funds with you while you are in Uganda.

Customs at Entebbe International Airport, Uganda
Duty Free Imports and Exports at Entebbe Airport

The following items may be imported into Uganda without incurring custom duty: 400 cigarettes or 500g of tobacco; one bottle of spirit and wine and 2.5 litres of beer; 1oz bottle of perfume. Souvenirs may be exported without restriction but game trophies such as a tooth, bone, horn, shell, claw, skin hair feather or other durable items are subject to export permits