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Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs - July-2020 through June-2022

Uganda Wildlife Authority Current Tariffs January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2015The Uganda Wildlife Authority or (as commonly referred to) UWA (pronounced ooh-er!) is the body responsible for all national parksand wildlife reserves in Uganda. Prices issued are applicable for a 2-year period. UWA is in charge of management of 10 National Parks, 12 Wildlife Reserves, 14 Wildlife Sanctuaries and provides guidance for 5 Community Wildlife Areas. The body is also responsible for setting up visitation fees and entry permits for all the national parks and wildlife reserves. Entrance permits are included in the price of certain special activities such as mountaineering on the Rwenzori, Mgahinga and Mount Elgon, Gorilla tracking in Bwindi, Golden monkey tracking in Mgahinga and chimpanzee habituation experience. It however, not included in the fee for the Kibale permit walk (ie tracking chimpanzee)

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Activities Fees - July-2020 - June-2022

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All visitors have to produce valid identification documents in order to determine their resident status

Entrance Fees
A day entrance ticket is valid for 24 hours from time of entrance.