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What to wear on Safari in Uganda

list of clothing below is for most Wildlife and Birding Safaris in Uganda

Keep it simple - Plain and Practical for your comfort

A difference between Uganda and other countries in Africa is the location - though located on the equator - Uganda is higher in elevation than most countries and more bio-diverse. There are the Savannahs as in other African Locations but there the Rainforests, Jungle, Mountains, Lakes and Rivers. The clothing that you bring should fit the activities that you participate in.

What to wear on Safari in Uganda - for womenThe appropriate clothing for women considering the variation, but you also want to ensure that everything you buy is culturally sensitive (but also weather appropriate) we have listed the things that we think are suitable. The main thing is to be comfortable and on the whole as long as you are sensible you are unlikely to offend. Just remember, again, as you may have seen in the packing list, Uganda is not a very conservative dressing style country, and peeps tend to mind their own business most of the time.

Generally, It is not culturally appropriate for women to show their thighs. So skirts/dresses below the knee, capris, or long pants are your best bet. On top it doesn't really matter how covered you are for the sake of modesty - you would mostly be considering protection from the sun :)

With long skirts - be careful that they are not too thick of material. Some skirts people bring are not nearly as ideal as you would imagine, because you can get really hot wearing them.

With long pants - consider if they drag/touch the ground. The red dirt will get on anything that it touches. So just be forewarned.

list of clothing for most bildlife and birding Safaris in Uganda - Chacos-walking shoes for safariI would recommend a pair of chacos to wear around the compound or another sturdy walking sandal for daily use.

For gorilla trekking, be sure you have some good (and broken in) hiking boots. They don't call it Bwindi an impenetrable forest for nothing.

Also for gorilla trekking, long pants/trousers and tall socks that you can tuck your pants in to. This works totally great. Though some trackers get fancy hiking gear that includes some sort or sleeve type thing that goes over the pants from the knee to the shoe and prevents ants from getting in. Either way works. Breathable long sleeve button down shirts are ideal

The list of clothing below is for most Wildlife and Birding Safaris in Uganda.

Clothing for your Safari in Uganda

  • Wide Brimmed Hat comes in handy for blocking out the Tropical Sun especially if you take a Walking Safari or Horseback Riding Safari
  • Forget the bright colors, there are enough birds here that every hue imaginable, flowers also. Tans, Browns, Green, even Blue Jeans are good. Blue Jeans show less of the African soil than do light Khaki Trousers. Also keep away from Big Hunter outfits.
  • Make sure that clothing is comfortable and not too tight.
  • Light trousers are great - (Zip Off Trousers) - the zipper kind that turns them into shorts - they are also easy to wash and do not take weight.  Keep away from shorts for a safari, use them by the pool of a lodge.
  • Tan shirts, other solid colors, long sleeved are actually good for protection, stay away from blues which do attract Tse Tse flies.
  • Shoes, good walking shoes, or light hiking boots are needed-do not bring brand new boots, break them in first.
  • Light Jacket comes in handy during the evenings...even a light sweater for some regions of Uganda

Gorilla Tracking Safari Clothing (Bwindi Forest is considerably higher up, cooler in the mornings and often there is a mist)

  • Light Rain Jacket
  • Backpack for lunch and for water - and anything else
  • Extra Batteries for picture taking
  • Boots that can go through some muddy trails.
  • Long Trousers
  • Long Shirt
  • Gloves: you may read more about this by visiting the packing list page
  • You can bring a walking stick if you have one at home, here it comes in handy, or you can a local one.

Nearly the same would apply for Chimpanzee Tracking

It does not matter whether you have the latest Brand Names, just functional clothing that will keep you comfortable on Safari. Remember to pack it light and most of the above clothing is easy to wash and easily dried.

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