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Payment Advice, Options & Tips for Your Safari, Gorilla Trek with Lifetime Experience Safaris in Uganda

What’s the Payment Plan? How much do I have to send in advance for my safari with Lifetime Experience Safaris? Do you take Credit Card? What Currency is acceptable? When Do I pay the remaining balance for my Safari? How much spending money?

Payment advice, Options & Tips for Your Safari, Gorilla Trek with Lifetime Experience Safaris

Once you have confirmed the final safari itinerary a non-refundable deposit will be required which shall be the sum of 15% of the Safari arrangement costs, plus the full amount for the gorilla permits (US$ 700 per permit), the chimpanzee permits per person US$ 150 or Habituation US$ 200, and all in country Airplane Tickets for a Flying Safari (if needed) for each person in the group.

Please note that availability of accommodation and permits is not guaranteed until officially confirmed by Lifetime Experience Safaris. Accommodation, permit and activity reservations will be made as soon as your payment has been received in any of our bank accounts. For your convenience, the remaining balance should be settled at least 3 weeks before the start of your safari.

Most travellers make their payment via bank transfer. This can either be the standard Bank to Bank wire transfer – a process which takes on average 3 days or via TransferWise which takes from just few hours to a day. Regular Bank to Bank WireTransfer are sent to our local US$ Stanbic Bank account in Uganda. Payments via Transferwise are sent to any of our accounts in the UK – GBP, Germany – EUR or Australia – AUD.

The second most popular way is via PesaPal where you submit your payment online via our website with your Credit or Debit Card. The PesaPal Service cost an extra 3.5% - service charge paid by you.

We also take credit or debit card payments at our Kampala office – please note that there is a 3.5% service charge paid by you.

Cash is also acceptable at our office in Kampala – Uganda. For your convenience, we can come fetch the payment at your convenient spot/hotel in Kampala or Entebbe but would need prior notice to ease planning.

The standard is that we should have your full payment before you start the tour – meaning you can as well pay cash on the day. Besides, we need money to run your tour. Last minute payments may lead to late starts for the tour especially if you are planning to withdraw money from the cash machine. We advise not to rely so much on ATMs for payment safari payments. Most often the networks fail, cards get rejected and they are limited to a certain amount in Uganda shillings. As the search for a working ATM continues time is running so first causing unscheduled delays and consequential missing out on some tour activities for the day.

What is the most efficient way to send safari money to East Africa – Uganda?

Transferwise – Online Money Transfer ServiceVisa, Visa electron, Master Card, Amex, JCB

After confirming your trip itinerary, a common question is what is the most efficient way to send money to Lifetime Experience Safaris, Uganda. With efficiency, we are looking at exchange rate (if applies), transfer fee, method, processing time, security and other factors like origin of the funds and the amount to be transferred.

For the last several decades, regular bank to bank transfer has been and still the primary manner in which travellers have made down payment including for gorilla permits. Although a bank can be a quick way to convert your currency to USD, considering some of the factors mentioned above, it may not be the best method for sending funds here for some travellers.

TransferWise is a British online money transfer service founded in January 2011 and is based in London. The company supports more than 750 currency routes across the world including GBP, USD, EUR, AUD and CAD, and provides multi-currency accounts. TransferWise works with several partner banks spread across the world.

Uk Pound, Euro and AUD transferwise

If you are sending from UK (GBP £), Euros (EUR – €) or Australian dollar (AUD) from any part of the world, our TransferWise Borderless account might be the better option as it provides local bank details for those currencies which enable us to swiftly receive your money. It offers you a chance to make deposits in any of the above currencies. With TransferWise you can pay straight from your bank account to Lifetime Safari's borderless Transferwise account without incurring any additional fees, - yes, I said it right – without incurring any additional fees. After depositing the funds in our account, we'll receive a TransferWise email confirmation of your deposit amount – of course with the details entered.
Important: Just like any other East African Countries, the US Dollar is the currency of choice for Uganda’s tourism industry and prices, especially those for tourists are all in US Dollars. This means the funds you deposit in our Transferwise account will have to be converted to USD before being transferred to our local USD Stanbic Bank account in Uganda. We use TransferWise to convert your money with the real exchange rate, like you see on Google and you only need to pay the low transparent fee, plus a small fee ($4.4 now 2019) from our account (where deposited the money) to our local US$ account. Conversion fees vary from currency to currency and will also be determined by the amount to be converted.

Depending on the country of origin the funds and time difference between countries, we shall receive your deposit confirmation from just a few minutes to 24hrs on a business day.

Below is our Transferwise account information

Transferwise - Lifetime Experience Safaris Account details
(This account is for Euros only – the sender will have to convert the amount to EURs then deposit/send)
TW Account Holder Lifetime Experience Safaris LTD
IBAN: DE73 7001 1110 6052 2393 52
Address: Handelsbank
Elsenheimer Str. 41
GBP - British Pound
(This account is for GBP transactions only)
Account Holder: Lifetime Experience Safaris LTD
Account number: 52351627
UK Sort Code: 23-14-70
Address: TransferWise
56 Shoreditch High Street
E1 6JJ
United Kingdom
AUD Australian Dollars
(This account is for AUD transactions only)


Account Holder: Lifetime Experience Safaris LTD
Account number: 414697116
BSB Code: 802-985
Address: TransferWise
36-38 Gipps Street
Collingwood VIC 3066

Online Credit / Debit Card Payment Via PesaPal

Payment options, Information and advice for your Safari, Gorilla tracking (trekking) and Car Rental in Uganda - online payment using pesapalPesaPal is East Africa's answer to PayPal services. - You probably haven't heard about it bofore but it works much the same as PayPal but based. PesaPal allows you to submit your payment online in a safe and a secure manner and you receive a receist for your payment.

With Pesapal, the cost is 3.5% of the total amount being transferred and you can pay from anywhere in the world using your Visa, MasterCard or American Express (Amex). Pesapal is a more convenient option and cheaper compared to bank to bank wire transfers. Using this option, you can pay us directly through this website. Just look at the top menu and on the top right is "Payments" click on "Pay Now" from the drop down list and follow the prompts by by filling out the form with the information as required.

Below are the details you will be required to fill out at the time of making the payment:

  • First Name*
  • Phone Number:
  • Last Name*
  • Card Number: (example: 3210 7654 8765 9876 )
  • Email address*
  • Card Expiry Date:
  • Country:
  • Card Verification Number: (example: 962) – your card info is safe and neither stored nor shared with any third parties.
  • The money that you pay goes directly into PesaPal’s trust account at a bank in Uganda. You automatically receive an email confirming your payment as soon as the transaction completes. We then transfer the money to our local bank account. It takes three - six business days for us to access the money at the bank from the time you make the payment.

    Pesapal was introduced to us from Kenya after several years of operation doing money transfers using mobile phones. Many big firms signed up and has now been embraced by several other African countries like Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

    Bank to Bank / Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT)

    Bank to Bank transifer payment i  Uganda

    International Bank to Bank Wire / Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) is another way our clients send funds here. You can transfer money directly to our local US$ Stanbic Bank account in Uganda from anywhere around the world by using the information right down below. Some customers do it themselves and others have to go to their bank. Transfer costs vary from one bank to the other - better if you compare the various charges you may incur before sending money via this method. Our bank charges $15 for every incoming international wire transfer to our local US$ account. Customers from the US, Canada and without TransferWise membersip find this an ideal way to send funds here.

    Bank to Bank / Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Details

    Beneficially Bank Name: Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited
    Beneficially Bank Address: Crested Towers Plot 17, Hannington Road Kampala Uganda
    Branch: Kabalagala Branch
    Beneficially Account Name: Lifetime Experience Safaris Limited
    Account number: 9030014765033
    Beneficially Address Nsambya Road, Millennium House Plot 472 Kampala, Uganda
    Tel: +256 777 201697

    Cash Payments

    Cash_payment_in_UgandaWe also take cash if this seem to be your better way to pay us. Since most of the payments for your safari including accommodations are set in US$ that makes it our preferred currency of choice. Use newer $ bills printed in 2003 or later and unmarred, unmarked and clean – $100 bills in particular should be dated 2009 or later. We also take UK pounds, Euros and Uganda shillings exchanged against the current market rate. If you are paying for your safari, our agent can meet you at your lodging or convinient spot in Kampala and will issue a receipt for the payment. We'll need prior notice if you are planning to pay us cash.

    sample of acceptable us dollar bill for uganda kampalaPlease note that in Uganda, larger denomination bills (50s or 100s) give you a better exchange rate than 20s or below. Obtain newer dollar bills with no tears or blemishes on them. 100 dollar bills should be 2009 or after. They are acceptable all over Uganda and will be considered with no compromise - a “give and take” deal! This helps your exchange rate and getting them accepted,...why?.... You may visit our monies advisory page for more information, but it’s simply due to forgeries in times past.

    Credit Card Payments

    Credit Card payment via pesapal terminalWe accept credit cards – Visa, MasterCard and American Express in Kampala using a PesaPal Swipe card terminal. If you use a credit card in Kampala you pay a 3.5% Surcharge. This is lowest - the standard 5% or higher surcharged levied in East Africa against Credit Cards.

    This is normal, in Uganda, East Africa and some companies will charge you as high as 10%. East Africa, Uganda and Rwanda are cash based societies. Credit Cards are here, but most either use an ATM card or the much more popular Mobile Money where you pay for everything with your phone. The surcharge will remain common since credit card use is still uncommon.

    Payments for Gorilla, Chimpanzee permits and other individual bookings

    Unless specified at the time of requesting for the deposit for your safari, advance payments for anything else apart from Gorilla, Chimpanze and/or in country flights tickets is really optional. We shall secure your permits on receiving your money and keep them till your arrival. Also, you can choose to wire up your permits' money directly into the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) bank account and they will save the permits for you, however, this can be quite a tedious process which involve numerous emails and probably phone calls, ... and requires a lot of patience as its a government agency, .... they mostly deal with cash and on a first – come first – served plan. It may sound like a straight foward process but may take a month or so from the time of your first contact to the time permits are secured. This option really works, I love my country “Uganda” but our past experience with many of our customer going through this alternative has not been very pleasant. If you have less than a month and wanting to book gorilla of chimp permits this way,...forget!!...until when this changes.

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