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Lodging in Uganda

A Review of Lodging Choices in Uganda.

Hotels, Lodges, Guesthouses, Inns Motels in Uganda

Wherever you travel in Uganda and whatever your budget, you will seldom have a problem finding a suitable lodging.  Most towns have a good variety of moderately priced and budget hotels and even the smallest village will have somewhere you can stay for a couple of dollars. Up market accommodation, on the other hand is only available in major towns and tourist centres such as national parks. No matter where you go you have a choice of Budget, Moderate or Up-Market – Luxury Lodging choices.  From arrival in Entebbe, while on safari at Murchison Falls, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Lake Mburo – you will have choices to make.

Travelers to Uganda have not always enjoyed such a wide choice in the past couple of years, pretty much everything on offer in a town; hotels had to be pretty ordinary indeed to escape inclusion. Some old hotels have been cut out and fresh new growth (with tiled rooms and hole-free mossie nets) grafted on.
If you need an overnight getaway from Kampala.  There are many places within convenient reach from Kampala.  Celebrating a birthday or Anniversary?  You can stay in one of our celebratory lodges while on Safari or near Kampala such as Mihingo, Chobe or Wildwaters Lodge.
All the lodging entries on this travel website are placed in any of the four categories

We use only self contained budget lodgings-unless our customers specifically request otherwise – one could say that we use up-market budget lodgings or better budget lodgings that approach the standard of moderate lodging choices but are lower in price.
The kind of lodgings you choose determinates much of your safari price – all of our lodgings while on safari are full board – self contained with en suite bath in your room or tent.
The lodgings in Uganda – for the most part are simply most enjoyable – let your safari tour operator such as Lifetime Experience Safaris to assist you in making the choices best for you

Tented Camp Lodging: There has been a great increase in the number of organized campsites in recent years, and there are now very few established tourist centres where you can’t pitch a tent in a guarded site with good facilities. You can stay in self contained tents in most parks in Uganda – with just a few exceptions – and these are not mere tents, but often more luxurious than most rooms – imagine staying in your own 5 star tent along the river Nile? Fabulous, is the only response one can give.– here is a list of some of the tented camp lodging choices in Uganda national parks.