Africa Travel Information and Guide

Africa Travel Information and Guide

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Why Travel to Africa?

Explore Africa – Take a Safari trip to Africa – Meet Africa’s People, Cultures, See its Scenery and Wildlife – Experience Africa beyond wildlife films on your TV and on the Internet.! Africa…Miles for smiles

This year, do something different, something out of the ordinary, break the mold of going to same destination year after year so that you know the staff by name at the drive-through at Mc Donald’s.  Come to Africa.  Take the trip of a lifetime to Africa where you will be most welcomed with friendly people who enjoy meeting someone new as you, but also see scenery that is different from anywhere else in the world.

Come to Africa and see animals in the wild that up to now you have only seen at a zoo in your country, but here in Africa, they will be on the outside looking in, instead of you peering through a glass or fence, here in Africa, lions, elephants, gorillas, giraffes, primates in abundance, Rhinos and Hippos, baboons, birds from near and the migratory ones from afar.  This is Africa with its splendid beaches, its pristine rainforests, its snow capped mountains, its deserts and so much more that you can discover here and that awaits you….Yes, Africa awaits you on your next vacation.  Lock up the desk at the office and shut down the computer and make plans to come to Africa this year.

Africa awaits you and you will never be the same.  It stays with you forever.  It has been with me for 25 some years and every time I fly to Africa there is an excitement I have never felt on any other continent.  I live here today and enjoy myself, the people are ever so friendly, the warm climate, the sights and sounds of nature, the wildlife, the breathtaking scenery and of course the rising and setting of the sun in Africa is simply awesome.  Again, all I can say, Africa – awaits you.  You will certainly enjoy both the inner and outer journey to and in Africa.

Where to begin is always a question that people ask me via email or over the telephone? I live in Uganda, East Africa, one of the best places in Africa with which to begin your African Journey.  Due to the fact that it is elevated  between 900 and 1500 meters above sea-level the weather is by and large  just pleasant.  Even during the rainy season, the sun comes out most every day and any day of the year is a good day to begin your visit to Mother Africa where your eyes will view sights such as you have never seen, meet the most wonderful people on the planet, and of course there is always the music of Africa in the background where anyone and everyone is ready for a celebration, dancing the day and night away to the most wonderful rhythms  you have ever heard. Discover Africa with Lifetime Experience Safaris

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