Why Lifetime Experience Safaris?

Why choose Lifetime Experience Safaris for your Safari African Safari?

  • We Embrace Sustainable Tourism in Uganda

During your journey, we’ve ensured that your accommodations align with our commitment to sustainable tourism and the preservation of local communities. Uganda diligently balances the growth of its tourism sector while upholding its rich cultural heritage.

The success story of the Mountain Gorillas stands testament to this. Due to responsible tourism, these magnificent creatures were saved from the brink of extinction, demonstrating that the long-term benefits of sustainable tourism far surpass the fleeting gains from activities like poaching. Every trekking permit and National Park fee you pay aids in the continued conservation initiatives at Bwindi National Park.

Lifetime Experience Safaris is a safari agency based in Kampala, Uganda. We are mandated to provide tours and safaris to everyone willing to be enlightened about travel destinations priority being Uganda and Rwanda focusing on individuals, families, and small and large groups including mission teams. We cater for any client, providing in-depth product knowledge and personalized service.

Customer Service is not part of the culture in Uganda and other parts of Africa. Lifetime Experience Safaris uses American Style Customer Service where you have our Ear meaning that we are enthusiastic about creating your Dream Safari in Uganda and Rwanda. We are attentive to every detail in planning and implementing your Safari and we are responsive to you and your requests.

We are a licensed, tax-paying Ugandan Tour Operator that is a Member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators and licensed by The Uganda Ministry of Tourism and Trade through the Uganda Tourism Board. We know Uganda and Rwanda, we live and work here, it is our home and we take pride in introducing visitors to Uganda.

Pricing, Customer service and Delivery
Our Prices and rates show that we are a Ugandan Tour Operator; we will be substantially lower in price than a foreign Travel Agency. There is no middleman – just Lifetime Experience Safaris. Our prices are very reasonable, flexible and competitive. – from small budget, moderate to upmarket/luxury tours. – we allow you look through the item cost sheet – giving you a chance to have an idea of what makes up your trip price…and we are happy doing this for you – You make your own safari price!! The same sights, destinations, safari vehicles, guides and accommodations are available at a fraction of the cost of many other agencies.

We customize itineraries to suite individual tourist interests and budgets. We rely on E-Tourism which we believe is the future of African Safari Travel and we have been proven right by the number of clients that choose us, including many repeat clients. We are now represented on SafariBookings.com, the largest online marketplace for African safari holidays, giving you a chance to look up, compare prices and review tour operators across Africa!

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