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Lifetime Experience Safaris

Since 2010, Lifetime Experience Safaris has earned a reputation for creating extraordinary, one-of-a-kind safari adventures in Uganda and Rwanda. Our dedication to crafting personalized, memorable experiences has made us the go-to choice for discerning travelers. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our achievements, including being honored eight times with the prestigious TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award. This recognition is a testament to our passion for delivering safari experiences that are not just trips but transformative journeys, leaving our guests with memories to treasure for a lifetime. Join us and see why we are consistently celebrated as leaders in bespoke safari adventures.

Who We Are:

We’ve been all about making great safaris for about 15 years. We care more about your safari experience than making money.

Lifetime Experience Safaris is based in Uganda. Since 2010, we’ve been known for amazing safaris that fit your style and budget. We offer all sorts of safaris – from seeing gorillas and chimps to exploring nature and local cultures. We plan everything to suit what you like. And we always think about helping the environment and local people.

What Makes Us Special:

We make sure planning your safari is easy and fun. We look after everything – travel, where you’ll stay, and all the activities. We have many kinds of safaris, like trips for families, couples, adventurers, and more. We also help you learn about and support local communities.

Our Promise:

We’re known for good service and really knowing Uganda. Our main focus is on Uganda and sometimes Rwanda, because of its connection to some of Uganda’s parks.

The Team:

We have lots of experience in making safaris unforgettable. We don’t try to do everything – just what we’re really good at, which is making your safari worry-free. We’ve gotten better over the years and now focus on private safaris that are either luxury or just right for your budget.

Meet Our Team:

  • Jesse Thomas Kitanywa, Director: A Ugandan with a love for Africa and lots of experience in safari planning.
  • Barbra Ahabwe, Safari Consultant: Over 10 years of experience making creative safaris in Uganda.
  • Kizito Sulaiman, Safari Guide and Implementation Officer with over 15 years in the Uganda and Rwanda Tourism.
  • Walugembe Gerald, Tour Guide, and Safari Implementation: With 15+ years in the business, he knows how to make your safari a reality.

What We Offer:

  • Help with planning your perfect safari.
  • Friendly service and expert guides.
  • Trustworthy plans for your trip.
  • Easy booking, even in tough times.
  • We make sure you get what you pay for.
  • All the main costs, like permits for seeing gorillas, are in the price.
  • Private safaris with all your meals included.
  • Emergency insurance and good hospitals.
  • Nice places to stay with private bathrooms.

Many people have loved our safaris since 2010.

Our Network:

We’re part of a big group that supports tourism in Uganda. We’re members of the Uganda Tour Operators group, licensed by the Uganda Tourism Board (License Number: UTB/RTT/TO/2021/100031), and work with the Uganda Wildlife Authority. We also partner with an airline and some really nice hotels to get you the best deals.

Why Choose Us:

We’re a trusted Safari operator in Uganda. We offer both luxury and mid-range safaris. Our main goal is to give you a stress-free and amazing safari experience. We focus on Uganda, known as the Pearl of Africa, and we’re excited to show you why it’s so special.


Our Vehicles

At Lifetime Experience Safaris, we understand that the journey is just as important as the destination. That’s why we have chosen the iconic 4×4 Land Cruiser as our preferred mode of safari transportation. These vehicles have been customized for the ultimate safari experience, featuring pop-up roofs for unobstructed wildlife viewing and wide windows that open wide to bring you closer to nature. To ensure your comfort on dusty trails, all our Land Cruisers are equipped with air-conditioning. Depending on your group size, we offer options ranging from 4-seater to spacious 8-seater Land Cruisers, along with buses that can accommodate up to 28 passengers.

For those who prefer or require quicker travel, we also provide chartered plane services. This option is perfect for clients who wish to maximize their time exploring or those who want to experience the breathtaking aerial views of Uganda and Rwanda’s landscapes.

Our commitment is to provide a level of travel that goes beyond the ordinary. With Lifetime Experience Safaris, every journey promises comfort, style, and an unparalleled safari experience. Find out more about our rentals and rates.


Our Workforce

Jesse Thomas Kitanywa
Team Leader

Barbra Ahabwe Edith
Senior Safari Cosultant

Kizito Sulaiman
Senior Safari Guide

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