East African Tourist Visa: Explore 3 Countries

Infographic showing benefits of the East African Tourist VisaA Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining the East African Tourist Visa for Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda

Unlock Seamless Travel Across East Africa with One Visa

Learn how to acquire the East African Tourist Visa, your gateway to seamless travel between Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. For just $100, this single visa grants you multi-entry access to all three countries for up to 90 days.

Why Choose the East African Tourist Visa?

Opting for this unified visa could save you both time and money. If you were to purchase individual tourist visas for each country, the costs would undoubtedly be higher. Plus, the single visa eliminates the hassle of multiple visa applications and makes border crossings easier.

Tanzania’s Non-Participation Map highlighting Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda as part of the East African Visa program

As of now, Tanzania has opted not to participate in this collective East African initiative. We remain hopeful that the country may reconsider its stance in the future.

How Does It Work?

The East Africa Tourist Visa has revolutionized travel in the region. For instance, you can land in Entebbe, Uganda, enjoy a safari, and then travel to Rwanda—all under one visa. Whether you’re tracking gorillas or flying out of Kigali, the visa simplifies your travel plans, saving you time and money.

Steps to Apply for the East African Tourist Visa

In Uganda:

  • If Uganda is your first destination in East Africa, you can apply for the visa online through the Ugandan Immigration Department.
  • Online visa applications have replaced on-arrival visas, making this the quickest option.
  • Complete the application as you book your safari to receive a compatible itinerary.
  • Upload passport photos and make the payment via credit card (a small fee applies for credit card transactions).

In Rwanda:

  • Apply online through the Rwanda Immigration website.
  • Select the East African Tourist Visa over the Rwandan Tourist Visa during the application process.
  • Heads Up: Unlike its regular tourist visa, Rwanda does not issue the East African Visa on arrival.


Collage of cultural and natural highlights in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda

  • Kenya’s current application process for the East African Tourist Visa is not as streamlined as those of Uganda and Rwanda.
  • To apply, visit the consular section of your local Kenyan embassy or their website.
  • On-arrival visas for East Africa are currently not available in Kenya.

Avoid Visa Scams

Do not use unauthorized third-party services, as they may result in lost money and no visa. Stick to official immigration services or embassies for your application.

Journey to the Pearl of Africa

You’re cordially invited to explore Uganda, the jewel of East Africa. Known for its gorilla and chimpanzee tracking, breathtaking landscapes, and welcoming locals, Uganda stands as an oasis of stability and safety on the continent. Winston Churchill wasn’t exaggerating when he dubbed it the “Pearl of Africa,” it’s waiting for you to discover its charm.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers! Reach out to us anytime; we’re here to assist our clients with their visa applications and more.

Discover why Uganda remains the eternal “Pearl of Africa.”

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