Cycle and Drive combined Wildlife Uganda Safaris, Uganda

The Cycle and Drive combined Safari Tours

See Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya up-close and meet locals on your bike Tour.

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Combining Wildlife Safaris with Biking across  Uganda & East Africa.

Experience Africa-Uganda Safaris With Lifetime Experience Safaris

Most visitors to Uganda see Uganda by sitting in a vehicle and traversing the Pearl of Africa countryside – some go on walking safaris from tracking the Mountain Gorillas to Chimpanzee Tracking and Birding and Nature Walks between. You can take village walks in small rural community and towns which open a whole other world of Authentic Africa in Uganda. Few Visitors to Uganda can say that they have taken a Bicycle Safari. Most do not even know that you can go on such an adventure where you see Uganda from a Bicycle on a guided tour that is safe and sane with well maintained bicycles allowing you to see a side of Uganda that you would not otherwise do so.

We plan bike and drive tours in and around Uganda National Parks, depending on your areas of interest. Whether it’s a physical challenge you are looking for or just want to through countryside villages around the Uganda and East Africa roads we make it happen. Take a guided tour through Mabira Forest, see places you can’t go in a vehicle and learn more. We offer guided tours Ugandan, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya national parks and other protected areas.

We combine Classical African Safaris with Bicycle Safaris across Uganda, allowing you to get the best of wildlife, primates, birds and reptiles from a vehicle while enjoying Uganda’s beauty from the back of a bicycle, it simply does not get any better than that.
We offer you six or nine gear bikes that will ease your time as you traverse the Pearl of Africa on a bike as Winston Churchill did as he traveled through Uganda biking, hiking, boating and he loved it calling Uganda “the Pearl of Africa.”
The beauty about this combination Safari Vehicle – Bicycle Safari is that you bet the best of both – You visit the wildlife game parks with your vehicle and driver – you explore scenic Uganda, Villages, People on bike. Even the bicycle part is guided by a Ugandan who knows people, wildlife, the routes, wildlife and birds.

We have no limits is on how many hours and kilometers you should bike and drive a day.  Depending on the road situation, you may choose to just bike for 30, 40, 50 kms or even more and drive for may be 1-200km. It’s completely something that we’ll let you determine by yourself though its at times most decided by your next lodging options in the area.
Biking is usually in the morning hours of the day. We then take on the driving option in the later hours in search for our next lodging if it’s not determined way back. Finding good lodging while driving has never been a problem here.
You may also choose to visit school(s) on the tour and give out give out some gifts such as books, deflated soccer balls and other items will bring a lot of joy to some children in Uganda.  It also makes your time in Uganda more meaningful and enriching as you bike through settlements. If you are fortunate enough you will do so on the busy market days in little towns which is certainly a cultural experience.

Bicycle Safari Tours can be at a more relaxed pace with regular refreshments – a snack right from your vehicle or at a decent a local restaurant – a Bicycle Safari with you in mind and you can certainly stop and take a picture as you move along the road – it is not about the destination but the journey and the experience are critical.
The Bicycle and Car Safari Tour is all-inclusive and limited to 3 participants travelling  in a safari minivan and  6 participants travelling in a bus. – equipment can be provided but its wise to simply just pack yours right from home if possible.

A combination of the Classic African Safari with bicycle excursions take a bit extra planning and co-ordination so it is best that you make plans for your bike-wildlife combination safari well ahead of time. We will assist you with the best places to see wildlife and the best place for biking as we travel to Uganda, the most important thing is that you enjoy Uganda, the Pearl of Africa


More practical information and guide for biking combined with wildlife In Uganda – East Africa

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