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Whether charity-linked or short-term mission trip, no time in Africa is complete without a Wildlife Safari. To the safari world large group means massive reduction in prices and this is your time!

Even while on Volunteer trip to Uganda, adding a touch of the African Wild to your time gives an incredible experience.

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Uganda receives over 900,000 visitors every year but many of them are short-term volunteer or mission groups. Such groups are mostly Building Teams, Medical Teams, Teaching Teams, filming Teams, and Conference Delegates etc. They invest a lot of personal resources to help people and children in Uganda, and Ugandans are appreciative of such help.

Most spend 7 to 14 days in Uganda and often go back home without seeing the other side of Uganda – the African Wild with its stunning scenery – the animals that Uganda is blessed with in its various Parks.

We have a whole list of mini safari tour structures perfect for of Short Term Volunteer / Large Groups – these are mostly of one, two, three or even four days in length in places such as the enormous Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo park, Kibale forest National park for Chimpanzee tracking, Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla Parks, white water rafting and other great places to spend a little vaccation.

The best all around Wildlife Park in Uganda for a short-term group Safari is Murchison Falls National Park. Here you can easily participate in a two or three day safari and you can add-on a visit to Ziwa Rhino Reserve and or Chimpanzee Tracking at Budongo Forest � Take Boat Ride up the River Nile to Murchison Falls � visit the top of the falls-take one or two game drives, even hikes in the Park. A cultural Village Walk can also be arranged as addition to the safari outing.

Planning for a big team can sometime be challenging. Bear in mind June, July and August are steep for prices in the tourism industry in Africa. If you are trying to keep budget to a minimum, we’re happy to help you all through. All our Mini-Adventure Safaris are discounted when done in a group comprised of 4 + people. Allow us to give you a quote for your group safari and introduce you to the African Wild with a mini safari.

We can take you directly from the Safari to the airport for a night flight back to your country of destination. We have a lot of experience with large groups, use quality vehicles and excellent driver guides giving you a maximum wildlife experience in the minimal of time.

Larger group cuts the price down, especially if you use a bus, what most however prefer is move via 4×4 safari vans. A bus is not the best option for parks but they are used quite often as they cause great impact in reducing your budget….not for gorilla trekking safaris though. Many have gone via this mode of transportation and have had a great time on their safari. Everyone is together, the bus is high up and allows for maximum wildlife viewing. The windows open wide and picture taking is not hampered at all. People can move around from side to side and everyone is together. You save money since you are using only one vehicle and one driver and one Wildlife expert on board. – You may consider a comparison with the 4WDs and also the expectations of the team members.

And for regular ground transportation, we can provide you with daily transport, depending on where you are trying to reach, from your accommodation facility. It may be walkable but I suggest you have transport a bus and driver for the duration at your disposal.

In terms of daily costs for accommodation/food you could budget for $30-40 per day, especially if you drive a bargain with your group size. It’s probably fair to say you’d slightly pay above that depending on the season of your travel/planning. Some accommodations automatically come with breakfast, others do not.

In a few cases-paying for your own food comes out lower. That would probably be a minimum. However, this would be in basic Guest House accommodation with hot showers and flush toilets. I have worked in the guesthouse business for 7 years managing of the highly ranted guest house chain in Kampala, handling all sorts of large teams from all over the world. This expertise gives us guarantee that we can always come up with better deals for large groups.

Try to keep in touch with your host. Mention or give an estimate of the group size and we’ll advise on the appropriate vehicle(s) to accommodate you with your entire luggage. We may not be able to give the exact amount of fuel required for your trip but can be close after knowing your itinerary.

For groups of 25 *plus people for instance, you may consider using a bus and a van depending on the amount of luggage you have and the convenience during your duration – of course much bigger buses are available – or you may probably need 2.

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