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Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. Its beauty doesn’t only reside in the fantastic scenery, friendliest people and the mountain gorillas but also in its incredible water bodies. Situated on the elevated basin which rises between the Eastern and the western branches of the Great Rift Valley, Uganda has a great potential of developing water based trips. With the exception of the semi-desert in the extreme northeast, most of Uganda is well watered and fertile. Almost 25% of the country’s surface is covered by water. Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa and the second largest fresh water body in the world, is shared by Uganda with Tanzania and Kenya. Lakes Albert, Edward and George lying on the Congolese border as well as the marshy and ill defined Lake Kyoga lying in the centre of the country all offer great sites for fishing trips. The Nile, the second longest river also offers opportunities for fishing at various points.

Since 1997 when the first boat was launched Uganda, months have been spent on Lake Victoria, with fishermen from all over the world, catching monster Nile perch, plus lots of time spent up on the Nile river at Murchison Falls. Fishing safaris have been along the Nile into Sudan in search for the best spots, and have been found!!

We help you get hold of professionally run fishing trips in Uganda on Lake Victoria and the Nile river in Murchison Falls National Park.  Nile perch between 20 – 180 pounds in weight, the largest fresh water game fish in Africa, are the main catch on the lake. Trolling with lures is the method of fishing used.  All the necessary fishing tackle for the nile perch trolling on the lake is provided but anglers are free to bring their own equipment.  Lake trips can be enjoyed by everyone from those with no previous experience to those who are looking for a new destination with trips from half to full day offered, or longer overnight trips for the more, serious fisherman.

At Murchison Falls National Park fish are caught on live bait or with casting lures including Nile perch and various species of cat fish.  There are also a large variety of smaller species, (used as live bait), obtained by spinning including tiger fish.  Fishing is either from the river bank or from a boat at the base of the falls area.  This fishing is generally done over a few days and can be very exciting but it does require some experience and also a certain level of fitness due to the terrain.

We encourage the catch and release policy for all fishing trips.

This website section is aimed at helping sports fishermen learn about, and hopefully experience, this most unique and rewarding location.

Much of the information provided here has been compiled through many hours of fishing and knowledge gathered from experienced fishermen living and working in Uganda. This site does pretend to have anywhere near all of the answers as nobody ever will. In an effort to understand the fishing mysteries of the Nile, we welcome any anecdotes, photos, advice and experiences that readers can offer

Considering the present demand for fishing in Uganda’s fresh water bodies Lifetime Experience Safaris together with other tour Specialists have designed another interesting product that will enable you interact more with the unpolluted land gifted by nature! Our fishing safaris makes it possible for you to participate in all kinds of fishing which Uganda has to offer thus making your holiday in Uganda memorable and personal. We cater for all kinds of anglers— from the beginners to the more experienced anglers. Over 350 fish species are known to exist in Uganda’s water bodies, including some very beautiful ones. The major commercial and common species include Nile Perch and Tilapia which are also the main fish targets of most tourists. Other fish species include Rastrinabola, Protopterus, cat fish, and lung fish, among others. The delicacy of these fish species is excellent while catching a Nile perch weighing over 200 kg is incredible.

It’s from only Uganda that you will enjoy exceptional sports fishing in beautiful unpolluted and naturally gifted surroundings while relaxing and taking little else but fishing seriously. Your experienced host and professional safari guides will show you fine spots for sport fishing reputation and will introduce you to different fishing locations across the lakes. While others offer trips to popular destinations, we here to help you and offer you the best opportune and memorable fishing moments on Uganda’s well renowned bodies while at the same time discovering the treasures of Uganda as a unique destination in Africa!

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