Hot Air Balloon Safari – Murchison Falls Park – Uganda

Experience a Hot Air Balloon Safari – Murchison Falls Park – Uganda with Bush Breakfast

See Murchison Falls Park from above: Elephants, Giraffes, Buffaloes, Antelopes, and lions from a Hot Air Balloon.

Hot Air Balloon Safari-Murchison Falls Park: No time in Africa is complete unless it includes a Hot Air Balloon Safari. That is just what you can do in Uganda while visiting Murchison Falls National Park. Here is the only park in Uganda where you can take a traditional sunrise Hot Air Balloon Safari. See yourself gently flowing over the sprawling Savannah, the River Nile, and Murchison Falls as the sun displays its morning glory.

A Hot Air Balloon Safari over Murchison Falls will be one of the most memorable experiences during your time in the Pearl of Africa. Viewing wildlife from above, such as herds of elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, and antelopes. Get an overhead view of Lions or Leopards on the hunt without obstruction.

You will not put down your camera as you snap postcard-like pictures from above. When you return to the ground, a traditional bush breakfast with sparkling wine awaits you. This is undoubtedly a memorable one-of-a-kind adventure in the African Wild of Uganda.

Sail over Murchison Falls Park on a Hot Air Balloon Safari

Your Murchison Falls Park Hot Air Balloon adventure begins before dawn. The departure is in the savannah near the Paraa area of the park. As you come near the site, the flames from hot air balloon burners illuminate as the crew inflates the craft for your flight.

The sun rises as the hot air balloon rises above the savannah. You are suspended in the hot air balloon basked. Above you is the multi-colored balloon, while below is the savannah teeming with wildlife.

On this wildlife-viewing adventure, you see things from a different perspective than you would on a game drive.

The absolute stillness as you float above the open savannah, the Nile, Murchison Falls, and the riparian forests amazes even the seasoned African traveler.

 The flight lasts an hour or so, drifting wherever the air currents take you and with many opportunities for photography and video filming in ways that are impossible on the ground.

During the stillness of the flight, the sounds from below you carry upwards for you to hear. You can listen to the trumpeting of elephants, a lion’s roar, and birds’ sounds greeting a new day.

 After landing, there is a celebratory champagne (sparkling wine) toast followed by a traditional safari bush breakfast prepared by chefs from Paraa Lodge.

Afterward, continue seeing more wildlife on the ground on a game drive before you head back to your Lodge.

Best Lodges for the Hot Air Balloon Safari:

With the new Bridge over the Nile at Paraa, you can use lodges on both sides of the Nile, and Paraa Lodge is the closest Lodge to the Hot Air Balloon Starting point.

Hot Air Balloon Safari over Murchison Falls Park – the Operator:

 Dream Balloons Uganda handles Hot Air. They were registered in Uganda in 2011 and are Balloon Safaris fully certified by the Ugandan Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) to run Hot Air Balloons in Uganda. They are also approved by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, NEMA, and UCC to work within National parks.

The pilots are certified and licensed by both the Egyptian and Ugandan Civil aviation authorities to operate in both countries.

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