Planning your Trip: Practical Information and guide Uganda

Planning your Trip: Practical Information and guide Uganda


You need help with your trip! Where and How?

Just the gorilla permits, 4×4 car and the driver.

Independent gorilla tracking Bwindi Park – Uganda… how? Can I do gorilla tracking (trekking) without a Tour Operator? My advice is simple; private/independent travelers face a lot inconveniences, and sometimes go through lots of hard ships, but finally get to where they want to be. Save yourself the burden, choose a private tour company to handle your travel and gorilla tracking.Originally, you could actually just call the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), exchange emails and they would save the permits for you after receiving your payment. This worked but it’s something that you could arrange way ahead of time….continue reading

Just the gorilla permits and I have someone else to offer the car.

Just transportation …. the car and driver. If you have the accommodations and special activities such as gorilla and chimpanzee tracking (trekking) arranged, all you need then is a well maintained 4×4 car and a driver who competent. Get him to do the driving in the Parks. We’ll provide you with accident free English Speaking drivers, by day or week. From Safari cars with pop up roofs to regular cars, vans, buses at the most competitive Uganda Rates. We may however need to look into your trip itinerary/schedule and plan in line with that. Feel free to email us today and let us know if you need any help with the tracking permits or accommodations and will try to have everything well taken care of.

Paying for fuel if hiring vehicles & driver: How can you know how much fuel you will use? You contact some car hire operators but quotes come back for car, with driver (including all his costs), unlimited mileage but EXCLUDING fuel. Well, that’s fine but you might still need help explain how you would pay for the fuel – at each re-fueling gas station – given receipts at end of tour – charged an overall amount based on miles covered? You don’t really want to go for a Car + fuel basis because you want the flexibility of changing your plans and hence mileage. What is the norm? Go here for better advice on how to pay for fuel if hiring a vehicle in Kampala, Uganda and throughout East Africa

Murchison Falls Safari in 2 days from Kampala? You can do what you want at in 2 days if you hire a private car and driver from Kampala, but you need to get an early start on the first day, and plan to stay in the park overnight as this does a lot of help to avoid excessive driving and backtracking, crossing with the ferry to and out of the park each time you need to back to your lodging. It also saves a lot of time. Your main reason for visiting is critical here. The main activities in the at Murchison Falls national park are the launch ride, game drives and a visit to the top of the Falls. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and Budongo forest walk for chimps are optional but can be added to replace any of the park major activities. Check out this 2 day Murchison Park Itinerary. But you can also do it in 3 days or 4 days for a much better experience.

If you need help with the accommodations, we’ll book the lodgings of your choice. Normally, we give you options based on price – e.g. whether you are going for budget, mid-range or high-end. All safari itineraries provided on this website give you lodging choices in the respective national parks. However, new lodgings come up every day and the lists may probably be missing updates. At times your itinerary may limit your accommodation options but you can you choose your own. We may recommend some (which probably have good history or match your budget) but you can still choose something outside of those choices. Asking can’t hurt–i.e. ask if we have knowledge of a particular hotel, what is our clients’ feedback if we have sent any there, etc. Call or emails us today. We’ll book the lodging of your choice at no extra cost. There is a whole list of safari lodging options in every Uganda National park on this website.

Need help with the entire safari trip. If you are looking for a Standard ‘regular’ Safari with car and driver to visit the places you want to go to such as Bwindi and QENP plus maybe Murchison etc.. This would be from Kampala (or Entebbe) back to your start point. Lifetime Experience Safaris puts together a package for you, Lodges, Permits, Park Fees etc., to suit your budget and schedule. Short safaris ranging from just a day – 4 days and longer safaris ranging from 5 days to over 3 weeks even those crossing to Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. If only need a car and driver, this is not a problem. Y(our) driver/guide is your friend and mentor in a strange land of strange tongues (and stranger customs). He adds very little to the overall costs and is worth every penny.

Coming from the Southern boarder of the country (Rwanda) and need to trek Mountain gorillas in Uganda. If you are coming to Uganda from the south western boarder (Kigali – Rwanda) and you are wanting to do gorilla trekking in Uganda without coming to Kampala as it’s the norm here, that’s something we have done several times before. Securing the permits is the most fundamental part of the trip and you have to be 100% confident that these are booked before arranging the other bits…continue reading >>

Are you a large group, mission team, students? – Need help with budget travel costing?

We want to do a bike and drive safari.
We’re working on a tight schedule and just looking for a 2 day safari to Murchison Falls National Park.
We have just a day free; perhaps we can do white water rafting?
We are not going on safari but just need a good car with a driver to go visit our projects.
Maybe we can visit the Ngamba Chimpanzee Island
Just need help coming up with a practical itinerary for my/our time in Uganda – Africa
Just need your but do hope to use any of your services.
We have arranged our trip with someone else but just need to compare prices.
Our trip crosses Uganda boarders to Rwanda, Kenya and part of Tanzania.
Looking for a luxury Safari quote
Can I do a Uganda safari without mountain gorilla tracking (trekking)?
Need a car for self-drive


Just need help with airport transfers

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