Tented Camp Safaris in Uganda

Tented Camp Safaris in Uganda

Tented Camp Accommodations in Uganda Safari National Parks

The answer is obviously yes!…. Lifetime Experience Safaris has the answer broken down for you!

Traditional Safari Lodging in a Tented Camp – Uganda tented Camps in the African Wilderness

Tented Camp Safaris:  Give you that authentic African Wild impression that most lodges cannot.  The experience of a tented safari is simply adventurous and awesome.

With our Camping Safaris you have the chance to have a wonderful safari experience of Africa’s wilderness adventures! Tented safaris not only bring you close to African nature but also give you an opening to discover Uganda’s hidden treasures at the lowest reasonable price on your African holiday.

Year around holiday weather makes Uganda a perfect place for a Tenting Safari.  But this is more than a tent. There is an en-suite bath, nice furnishings, a porch for you to sit in the evening and enjoy a cup of coffee or a drink in the evening.

They are placed in the most unique of setting, small in size, imagine watching elephants come to a river while you are sitting outside of your tent.
Tented camps space their tents apart from one another so that you have total privacy in the African Wild.
Most tented camps have lovely furnishings and your tent will surprise with you with its lovely layout.
The food in a tented camp is beyond your imagination.  Simply lovely, prepared by expert chefs who dedicate themselves to pleasing your tastes

The reception area, the restaurant and bar are most often permanent facilities and blend in with the environment of the African wild.  In some cases a crystal clear pool is available.
In most cases there are just a few tents and so the service is very personalized and special.  Coffee is brought to your tent in the morning, afternoon tea and your room is prepared for the night, often including spraying for mosquitoes.
Are simply unique and not found in too many places in the world.  Here in Uganda they are in tradition of the Big Five hunters of old, but in our case the only hunting is done with a camera.
Leave lasting and pleasant memories of your time in Africa, in Uganda.

Often a thatched roof, or some other permanent material covers the tent for extra protection.

Our camping safaris vary from mobile camping to camping from well known designated camps offering great luxurious lodging at the lowest possible prices. Camping safaris are suitable for reasonably fit people, fun-lovers, informative travelers, adventure seekers among others.

Our camping safaris will take you to different tourist destinations and hotspots in Uganda. These range from national parks to other unique destinations such as Lake Bunyonyi and the Ssese islands archipelago settled deep within Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest and World’s second largest fresh water lake

Camping Equipment For a Safari in Uganda

there is a strong case of carrying a tent to Uganda, particularly if you are on a tight budget. Campsites exist in most Uganda national parks, forest reserves and towns. Travelers who intend doing a fair bit of off-the-beaten-truck hiking will find a tent a useful fallback where no other accommodation exists. If you decide carrying camping equipment, the key is to look for the lightest available gear.
It is now possible to buy a lightweight tent weight little more than 2kg, but make sure that the one you buy is reasonably mosquito-proof. Usable sleeping bags weighing even less than 2kg can be bought, but especially as many light sleeping bags are not particularly warm, the better you get a sheet sleeping bag and supplement it by wearing heavy cloths in cold weather.
Also essential is a roll-mat, which will serve as both insulation and padding. Uganda, there is no real need to carry a stove, as firewood is available at most campsites where meals cannot be bought. If you do carry a stove, it’s worth knowing that camping Gas cylinders are not readily available. Try Nakumatt Shopping mall on Yusuf Lule Road of Game store. In Kampala’s Lugogo Mall whish have Uganda’s best selections of outdoor camping equipment. If you are camping in the rain season, bring a box of firelighter blocks: they will get a fire going in the most unpromising conditions.
It will also be advisable to carry a pot, plate, cup and cutlery – lightweight cooking utensils are available in most camping shops in western countries.

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