Uganda Birding & Bird Watching Safari Tours

Uganda Birding & Bird Watching Safari Tours

1040 different kinds of Birds waiting to be discovered by you

Come to the pearl of Africa for your African Birding Safari – Uganda

Uganda, the Pearl of Africa is filled with scenic wonders, an abundance of wildlife, the friendliest people in Africa and is enriched by 1040 species of birds.  The perfect destination for the birding enthusiast.  25% of Uganda is covered by lakes making it for the perfect place to sight water birds.
There are the various rain forests that bring with it a different variety, and of course there is afro-montane regions of the country with its abundance of birds.  From the arid plains of the Kidepo valley to the Rwenzori Mountain range you can discover different kinds of birds.  From Kampala city to the Mgahinga Forest, from Lake Mburo to Mabira Forest, from Queen Elizabeth National Park to Murchison Falls National Park, from the Rwenzori Mountains to Mount Elgon there are birds awaiting your visit on a Uganda Birding Safari

This year Experience Africa-Discover its Pearl-Uganda.

Uganda, an area the size of Great Britain or Oregon State in the USA contains over half of the species of birds found in all of Africa.  The key is its bio-diversity and of course its variety of habitats, all of which make Uganda the favorite destination amongst birders. A bird Checklist of Ugandan Birds is available for those requesting it.

Uganda, is very different from other safari destinations in Africa, there are less tourists, because this jewel, this so called pearl of Africa has been hidden by wars and conflicts which meant that tourists put this on the no visit list.  In the last two years there has been peace in all of Uganda.  The current crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo does not affect Uganda, only that some refugees have fled to Uganda.  Uganda is safe, probably one of the safest destination in Africa and birding is supreme here (more information see the Staying Safe in Uganda Page).  Uganda is the perfect destination for those seeking a variety of African birds.  We invite you to come and see for yourself what treasures the Pearl of Africa holds for you

Uganda Birding Safaris – Courtesy of Lifetime Experience Safaris

Two Day in search of the Shoebill Stork Safari:   Introductory primer to Uganda Birding. A 2 day mini-birding safari to Entebbe and Mabamba Swamp.  Close to Kampala and yet it seems far away, the peace of the Botanical Gardens at Entebbe with its fabulous plants and vegetation grazed by hundreds of different species of birds and then Mabamba swamp with its Shoebill Stork and other water birds, float across this ancient swamp and take in the peace around you, the birds in the reeds and overhead and it is a day well worth it.

Mabira Rainforest Birding Safari:  Two days in the largest rainforest in the central area of Uganda.  Lovely forest and great forest birding.  This is the only rainforest near Kampala and portions were to be allocated to a sugar conglomerate but due to a wide protest both within and outside of Uganda it has not taken place.  Just one hour from Uganda, you can stay in the lovely Rainforest Lodge, take guided walks through the forest and see small mammals, monkeys and lots of birds, it is a peaceful setting and gives you an African Rainforest close to Kampala.

Mgahinga Gorilla Park: Birding at Mgahinga Gorilla Park in Uganda, combine with hiking, golden monkey or Mountain Gorilla tracking (trekking).  This is one of the scenic wonder parks Uganda.  It has a gorilla group that shifts back and forth between Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC, but there are hikes up the volcanoes and along through bamboo forest with lots of birds, most of them have never been recorded because Mgahinga is sort of bypassed, however it is simply bypassed.

Lake Mburo Birding Safari:  A great two day birding and wildlife Safari to the closest National Park to Kampala.  You can take a one day, or two day Birding Safari to Lake Mburo and combine it with wildlife viewing, take a boat ride on Lake Mburo and simply enjoy the birds in the overhanging trees, overhead or as a fish eagle dives into the lake for tasty tilapia.  Shoebill storks can also be found here…you can stay in the up-market comfort or budget, both choices have tented camps.

Mount Elgon Hiking and Birding Safari: 3 Days of Birding and Hiking around Sipi Falls in Eastern Uganda.  Hike around Sipi Falls and discover the beauty of Eastern Uganda climbing an extinct volcano that was higher than Kilimanjaro until the top blew off.  Hike through Bamboo Forest, Afro Montane vegetation and find birds found nowhere else in Uganda. This safari also spends the last day going to the source of the Nile where you will also find some water birds.
The Sipi falls and cave alone are worth, but there is so much that awaits you including a multitude of birds

Murchison Falls National Park and Budongo Forest Birding Safari:  Five days of fantastic birding with the added bonus of wildlife and most fantastic scenery.  What can one say about Murchison Falls, but that it is simply fabulous and a great variety birds and wildlife is found there.  Then this birding safari will take you to the famous Magic Mile at Budongo Forest where you can always tie in some chimpanzee tracking the in the old growth Mahogany Forest.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Birding Safari:  Five days in the National Park with more birds than anywhere else in Uganda, plus great wildlife.  Queen Elizabeth is the one park with more birds than any other one in Uganda.  Pelicans, Shoebill storks, flamingoes and hundreds can be found here, besides the fantastic wildlife that calls QEP home.  There is savanna, lakes, including crater lakes, forest, and large lakes all providing for different species of bird and given you maximum variety.

5 Days of Gorillas and Birding in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest:  A classic combination Safari combining Gorillas and Birding.  Bwindi Forest with its streams, waterfalls, lush and verdant vegetation provides a great habitat for a variety of birds and mammals.  Known mostly for its mountain gorillas, but it is also a birders paradise and the perfect place to spend 5 days the Forest of Bwindi meaning Darkness in the local language.
You could easily spend a week here and even run, it is relatively cool here, the quietness of the lodging is noticeable and the sounds of the day and night is awesome.

7 Day Birding Safari in Uganda:  Entebbe along Lake Victoria, Mabamba Swamp  Shoebill Storks, Lake Mburo National Park with its savanna and lakes and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Here is one example of a 7 day birding safari, we can however create one for as long as you like and your wishes for the kinds of birds you like to find while in Uganda will be our desire to fulfill.

Uganda Safari Planner:  Plan your own Safari in Uganda.  From Parks to visit, wildlife, birds, primates such as gorillas or chimpanzees, scenic beauty such as Lake Bunyonyi.  The freedom to pick your own accommodations for your own personal and private safari budget, moderate or luxury style.  Plan your own safari in Uganda.

Accommodations in Uganda:  From Budget to Luxury accommodations can be found in every game park in Uganda. Tented camps that give you that classical Safari feel, great lodges with fabulous food all enhancing your Uganda safari in the National Parks in Uganda.

Specialty Safari Tours in Uganda-Africa:  Including Uganda African Photo Safari, African Honeymoon Safari in Uganda and Create your own Safari. Each of the specialty safari tours is created with your input in mind.  Private photo safaris where you are in control, Adventure safaris that allow you to experience Uganda in a very different way, romantic Honeymoon safaris that reflect the celebratory note of your visit to Uganda and Create your own African Safari.

Kampala City Information:  Originally built on 7 hills, now many more, Kampala is a truly African city where much awaits your visit.  Here are some of the things you can see and do in Kampala and simple practical tips for a Kampala visit.  From day trips from Kampala to entertainment.

Uganda Travel Guide and Visitor Information:  Here you will find the complete Uganda Travel Guide and Visitors Information such as Packing for your Ugandan Visit, Flying to Uganda, Visa Information, Uganda Background Information, Money Tips, Safety Tips, Health Advice, Luganda Phrases, Restaurants, Kampala City Information and more.

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