2-Day Chimpanzee Tracking and Birding – Budongo Forest

Set out on a 2-day retreat in Budongo Forest, part of Murchison Falls Park in Uganda. On this mini-safari, you’ll track habituated chimpanzees, explore the forest through guided walks, and partake in birding adventures. Lodging, meals, and activities are included for a seamless, enriching experience.


Immersive Budongo Chimpanzee Tracking Safari: 2-Day Adventure

Delve into the enchanting realm of Budongo Forest, a pristine haven near Murchison Falls National Park, where nature’s spectacle awaits every visitor. Embrace the symphony of over 350 species of birds, the flutter of 280 unique butterflies, and the awe-inspiring presence of 24 different mammals, including our closest relatives, the chimpanzees.

Budongo Forest: A Tapestry of Biodiversity

Birdwatcher's paradise with vibrant bird species in Budongo ForestBudongo is not just a forest; it’s a living museum of nature. Home to over 460 varieties of plants, shrubs, and trees, it boasts the oldest Mahogany Tree Forest in East Africa. This sanctuary, which has bravely faced threats from loggers, stands tall and proud, offering shelter to nine primate species and avian wonders unheard of in the western world.

Kaniyo Pabidi: The Heart of Chimpanzee Territory

Venture to Kaniyo Pabidi and witness the mesmerizing dance of nature.

Here, six groups of habituated chimpanzees grace the landscape, each with a unique cadence determined by the changing seasons. Witness the forest come alive as these primates elegantly navigate their domain, guided by the expertise of seasoned trackers who interpret the subtleties of this dynamic environment for you. The period from May to August strikes a special chord, offering the forest’s most melodious performance with a 90% success rate for chimpanzee sightings.

Please note that chimpanzee tracking here is a delicate activity reserved for participants above seven. This precaution is taken to safeguard the well-being of both the children and the cherished wildlife that call this forest home.

Lodging: Budongo Eco-Lodge – All meals

Your Guide to the 2-Day Budongo Chimpanzee Trek and Nature Safari

Day One: A Journey into the Heart of Budongo

Set off from Kampala at the break of dawn, 7 a.m., embarking on a journey that concludes around 11 a.m. with your arrival at the serene Budongo Eco Lodge. Here, you may choose to settle into the simple comforts of the dormitory or Serene Budongo Eco-Lodge amidst Uganda's lush forestopt for the privacy of a self-contained room. Nestled within the enchanting Murchison Falls Park, this location promises an immersive experience in Budongo Forest, a verdant haven boasting the title of the oldest Mahogany Tree Forest in East Africa. Meticulous efforts have been made to conserve this extraordinary woodland, threatened by the short-sightedness of logging activities. The silence of Budongo is only pierced by the melodious calls of birds and the rustling of primates—a stark contrast to the woodlands of North America or Europe. This secluded forest provides a unique opportunity to reconnect with the natural world over the next few days.

Upon settling in, enjoy a lunch included in your safari package at the Budongo Eco Lodge. Later, participate in a guided 1.5-hour forest trek to intimately acquaint yourself with the forest’s splendor.

Additional guided excursions include:

  • A 3-hour bird-watching adventure for the ornithologically inclined.
  • An extended 4-hour guided forest walk for a deeper exploration.

As evening descends, relish dinner at the Budongo Eco Lodge. Following your day’s adventures, you have the opportunity to relax on the porch of your accommodation, absorbing the peaceful evening ambiance that envelops this alluring part of Uganda, surrounded by the embrace of the Budongo Forest.

Day Two: Encounters with the Chimpanzees: A Primate Connection

Awaken to a serene morning with breakfast amidst the tranquility of Budongo Forest. Prepare for an intimate and exhilarating small group Chimpanzee Tracking adventure, lasting approximately three to four hours. This journey takes you into the heart of the forest to visit some of the habituated chimpanzees of Budongo. You’ll spend an Trekker's view of the dense Budongo Forest canopy File name: trekking-budongo-forest-canopy-view.jpgenchanting hour observing their behaviors, marveling at their daily routines, and watching as they skillfully construct fresh nests for the evening — a routine as natural to them as the setting sun. This forest is not just a natural habitat for these primates but also an important conservation effort backed by the Jane Goodall Institute and the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Embrace this unique opportunity to witness our close genetic relatives in their natural environment.

After a morning with the chimpanzees, you’ll return to the Budongo Eco Lodge for lunch.

Leaving the forest behind, you carry rich memories in your hearts and on camera. You head towards Kampala, welcomed back by the city’s lively buzz as the day draws to a close.

Budongo Chimpanzee Tracking Safari Inclusions

  • A dedicated safari vehicle and an experienced driver
  • Refreshing bottled water for your journey
  • Cozy lodging at Budongo Eco Lodge
  • Entrancing park entrance to Murchison Falls
  • The core of the journey: Chimpanzee Tracking

Deep Dive into Chimpanzee Habituation

For those whose hearts yearn for a deeper connection, the Chimpanzee Habituation Experience beckons. Swap a brief encounter for a full day’s immersion with the incredible primates of Budongo or Kibale Forest. To grasp this unforgettable communion with nature, explore our website for detailed insights into Uganda’s chimpanzee realms.

Not covered, Drinks at lodging, tipping, phone calls, laundry

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