5-Day Unforgettable Big-5 Wildlife and Luxury Safari in Murchison Falls National Park

Discover the natural wonders of Uganda on this 5-day luxury safari in Murchison Falls National Park. Enjoy Big-5 wildlife viewing, a scenic boat cruise on the Nile, and chimp trekking in Budongo Forest. Stay at top-tier lodges and savor exceptional cuisine. Ideal for adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts.


Unforgettable Uganda: 5 Days of Big-5 Safari, Nile Adventures, and Chimpanzee Encounters

5 Days of Big-5 Safari, Nile Adventures, and Chimpanzee Encounters

5-Day Adventure in Murchison Falls: Wildlife, Rhino and Chimpanzee Trekking Safari

Experience our 5-day luxury safari through Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park. This carefully curated journey blends wildlife exploration, scenic boat cruises, and immersive cultural experiences. Stay at high-end lodges while enjoying the natural beauty and diverse ecosystems of one of Uganda’s most iconic parks.

Here are the highlights of your 5-Day Unforgettable Big-5 Wildlife Safari in Murchison Falls National Park:

  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary: A unique opportunity to see rhinos in a secure habitat.
  • Scenic Drive Along Lake Albert: Experience beautiful views of the lake and the Western Rift Escarpment.
  • Stay at Nile Safari Lodge: Enjoy luxury and solitude in one of the best lodges in Murchison Falls National Park.
  • Afternoon Boat Cruise on the Nile: Spot hippos, crocodiles, and various water birds in a stunning river setting.
  • Top of the Falls Hike: Explore the world’s most powerful waterfall
  • Sunrise Breakfast Cruise on the Nile: Enjoy freshly brewed coffee and breakfast on the water while watching the sunrise.
  • Hot Air Balloon Safari: Get an aerial view of the park’s diverse wildlife.
  • Late Afternoon Game Drive: Encounter big game like lions, leopards, and elephants with the help of an experienced ranger.
  • Nile Delta Boat Safari: A half-day excursion ideal for bird-watchers and those keen to see the Shoebill stork.
  • Relaxation at Nile Safari Lodge: Spend an afternoon leisurely, keeping in touch with loved ones or journaling your experiences.
  • Chimpanzee Trekking in Budongo Forest: Come face-to-face with our closest animal relatives in a lush forest setting.
  • Informative Guidance: Gain insights from Uganda Wildlife Rangers during game drives and activities.
  • Return to Kampala or Entebbe: Conclude the safari with a scenic drive back to your starting point, capturing any last-minute wildlife sightings.

Day 1: Rhino Tracking and Lugogo Swamp Adventure – A Day of Thrills and Nature.

Start your 5-day private Big-5 wildlife adventure bright and early at 6:30 a.m.! We’ll pick you up from your hotel in Entebbe or Kampala and whisk you away to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, just a 3-hour ride from Kampala or slightly under 4 hours from Entebbe.

Settle into your spacious, tented Banda at Amuka Lodge. Here, you have your en-suite bathroom and a private veranda—ideal for catching sight of wandering wildlife. Savor delicious meals at the main lodge, where you’ll find Wi-Fi, or request a MiFi Router if you need to work from your room.

Ready for a dip? The lodge boasts a charming swimming pool near the main building, as well as a bar and dining area where you will be served up mouth-watering BBQ, South African style.

Rhino Tracking on Foot:
Get your adrenaline pumping as you track rhinos on foot! Trained rangers will guide you on this exhilarating 1½ hour adventure filled with perfect photo opportunities. Safety comes first: the sanctuary is a secure, electric-fenced area monitored 24/7.

Lugogo Swamp Boat Adventure:
As the sun sets, it’s time for an adventurous boat outing on Lugogo Swamp. Keep an eye out for the elusive Shoebill and other stunning waterbirds. Your swamp adventure will last about three hours, so have your camera ready for some fantastic shots!

Finally, retreat back to Amuka Lodge to unwind and recap an exciting day. Want to know more about Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary? Just click here.

Day 2: Journey to Murchison Falls and Nile Safari Luxury Experience

Leave Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary after breakfast and set out for Murchison Falls National Park via a scenic route that offers sweeping views of Lake Albert and the Western Rift Escarpment. Along the way, we’ll pass charming fishing villages before finally reaching the park.

Your Stay at Nile Safari Lodge:

Settle into the exclusive Nile Safari Lodge, an intimate, eco-conscious haven featuring just eight bandas with vistas of the River Nile. Distinguished for its understated elegance, this lodge offers an unparalleled luxury experience. Easily accessible from the northern game reserves via the Paraa Bridge, the lodge sets itself apart with top-notch rooms, fine dining, and excellent service. Due to limited availability, early booking is strongly advised.

Nile River Afternoon Cruise:

Your safari experience gets richer with a cruise along the legendary Nile River, where you’ll encounter bloats of hippos, sunbathing crocodiles, herds of elephants, buffaloes, and diverse water birds. Widely considered the best wildlife boat cruise in Uganda, the journey offers spectacular views from Paraa to the bottom of the falls.

Historical Highlights:

You’ll cruise along the same route taken by Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker—the first Westerners to witness the world’s most powerful waterfall. This section of the Nile also holds a cinematic claim to fame as it featured in the 1951 film “The African Queen.”

Top of the Falls Hike:

Take a 1-hour guided hike to the top of the falls to witness its awe-inspiring scale. Feel the mist and hear the roar of the water as it plunges through a narrow six-meter-wide gorge. This is also the trail Winston Churchill took in 1907 to descend to a boat that took him to Khartoum.

Day 3: A Day of Adventure: From Sunrise Cruises to Savanna Game Drives in Murchison Falls National Park

Sunrise Breakfast Cruise Along the Nile:

Kickstart your day with an enchanting sunrise breakfast cruise on the Nile, a cornerstone of your 5-day private luxury safari in Murchison Falls National Park. Enjoy a freshly prepared breakfast by your onboard chef as you cruise along the world’s longest river. Savor Ugandan arabica coffee while observing hippos and crocodiles, as well as shore-dwelling wildlife. Keep an eye out for the elusive shoebill and be ready to capture these magical moments on camera.

Hot Air Balloon Safari and Bush Breakfast:

Following your cruise, ascend to the skies in a hot air balloon for panoramic views of the park. Upon landing, enjoy a traditional bush breakfast with sparkling wine amidst the natural beauty of the savannah.

Midday Game Drive:

Next, set off on a game drive to see the park’s rich wildlife from the comfort of your safari vehicle. Expect to spot various animals, including lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, and even patas monkeys.

Late Afternoon Exploration:

Experience the wilderness up close during a late afternoon game drive, guided by a knowledgeable Uganda Wildlife Ranger. Equipped with a pop-up roof for enhanced viewing and photography, the vehicle offers a superior safari experience. Please note that standing on the vehicle is against park regulations.


Each game drive is conducted in the company of an experienced ranger who will provide detailed information about the diverse wildlife you encounter. The combination of your driver-guide and ranger ensures an enriching and educational safari experience.

Day 4: Birdwatching Bliss and Leisure Time in Murchison Falls National Park

Morning Expedition to the Nile Delta:

Begin your day with a captivating boat cruise down the Nile to its delta, where it joins Lake Albert. This is an essential outing for bird lovers, as well as those intrigued by hippos, crocodiles, and other wildlife. This section of the river offers some of the best opportunities in Uganda to spot the elusive shoebill stork, sometimes even in pairs. The cruise provides a rare chance to explore both the River Nile and Lake Albert in one go, making it a must-do for birdwatchers and anyone keen to witness the shoebill stork in its natural habitat. This is a half-day adventure best experienced in the morning, especially if birdwatching is on your agenda.

Afternoon Unwind at Nile Safari Lodge:

A well-rounded safari includes moments of relaxation. Nile Safari Lodge is the perfect sanctuary for some leisurely downtime. Each Banda (cottage) features a deck overlooking the River Nile, providing the ideal backdrop for a scrumptious lunch, either served on your deck or in the main lodge restaurant.

Take this serene afternoon as an opportunity to connect with loved ones, jot down your impressions in your travel journal, and complement it with photos from your journey.

Safari Sundowner Experience:

As the sun begins to set, partake in the time-honored tradition of a Safari sundowner. Although the classic drink of choice was a gin and tonic, a legacy from British colonial times, you can select your preferred drink. You may try out Ugandan Waragi paired with Krest Bitter Lemon Soda. If you prefer, you can also opt for a cold Nile Beer as you bask in the beauty of the Nile at sunset.

Day 5: Journey Back to Kampala or Entebbe with a Chimpanzee Encounter

Morning Game Drive and Lodge Checkout:

After breakfast at Chobe Safari Lodge, embark on your final game drive through Murchison Falls National Park, a place where the unexpected often lurks around each bend. For those keen on capturing clear photos, we recommend using a beanbag to steady your camera. Please remember, driving off designated tracks is prohibited and subject to fines—Park Rangers strictly enforce this rule. They also keep in touch to provide updates on wildlife sightings for the day.

Chimpanzee Adventure in Budongo Forest:

Post-game drive, head to Budongo Forest enjoying a relaxing lunch at Budongo Eco-Lodge. Here, you’ll prepare for an unforgettable Chimpanzee Trek, a project supported by the Jane Goodall Foundation. An orientation session provides guidelines on trek behavior and chimpanzee interaction. Appropriate attire includes hiking boots, merino wool socks, long trousers, a long-sleeved shirt, and a hat. Most trekkers find the trail easy to navigate.

Spend an enriching hour observing a chimpanzee troop in their natural habitat. It’s a mesmerizing experience to watch our closest relatives in the animal kingdom in this expansive forest, which also happens to be the largest remaining mahogany forest in East Africa.

Evening Return to Kampala or Entebbe:

Conclude your day with a scenic drive back to either Kampala or Entebbe, arriving around sunset. We can arrange for a day room or an overnight stay if you have a departing flight.

The Private 5-Day Safari Includes:

  • Full Board Lodging except for drinks
  • Ground Transportation in a 4×4 safari vehicle and Driver-guide
  • Chimpanzee Tracking Permits – Budongo Forest
  • On-foot Rhino tracking
  • Game drives with Wildlife Expert
  • Hot Air Ballon Safari
  • Nile River Boat Safari
  • The Nile Delta Boat Safari
  • Chimpanzee Tracking
  • To of the falls excursion
  • Bush Breakfast
  • Lugogo Swamp Bird watching
  • Bottled Water for the journey
  • Entrance to Parks, including Vehicle

Not included: Fizzy and alcoholic drinks, laundry, phone calls, tips to lodge staff.

If this Safari is something you would consider, please contact us any time and book this Safari tour. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Whether its safari itineraries, competitive pricing or general information on any of our services/tours, we are just a phone call or few clicks away, shoot us an e-mail today,…we look forward to hearing from you,…enjoy the Pearl of Africa.

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