5-Day Mount Elgon Trek: Discover the Peaks and Mysteries of Uganda

Set out on a 5-day trekking adventure atop Mount Elgon, starting with breathtaking mornings at Kamorok Falls View Lodge. Journey through captivating trails, ascend to the majestic Wagagai peak and experience the mountain’s diverse landscapes. Each day offers a unique challenge and reward, culminating in a certification at Budadiri. Mount Elgon’s beauty and mystery await your discovery.


Eager for an exhilarating climb without the weight of expert gear? Picture this: Mount Elgon, standing as Africa’s 7th highest at 4,321m, in eastern Uganda near Kenya. A mountain that whispers tales of old, beckoning climbers of every stride.

As you step into our space, we craft climbing journeys just for you. Time constraints? Budget? No worries. Whether you’re yearning for a day amidst Uganda’s ancient volcanoes or a full-blown Mount Elgon odyssey, we’ve got you.

Imagine the vast stretch of Mount Elgon, an extinct volcano with a footprint that’s the world’s largest, stretching 50km x 80km. At its heart, the Wagai Peak rises, challenging and magnificent.

Here, amidst the slopes, the stories of the Bagisu and Sabinyo tribes echo their unique biennial circumcision rituals a testament to time. If it’s the best of the mountain you seek, think June to August or December to March – the land’s song is clearest then.

But the mountain’s rhythm isn’t just in its peaks. Dive into lush montane forests, walk amidst bamboo giants, and marvel at flora like the giant Lobelia. Wildlife? From birds to antelopes and mysterious caves to craters, it’s a symphony of nature. And the crescendo? The mesmerizing Sipi falls. Let’s weave your Mount Elgon Trek story together.

5-Day Trekking Adventure: Mount Elgon Awaits

Day 1: Awakening at Kamorok Falls View Lodge

Imagine waking up to the aroma of a freshly prepared breakfast at Kamorok Falls View Lodge. Energized, you embark on a drive at 6:20 am to the Kapkwai exploration center, the starting point of our Sipi Trail journey. The day promises an invigorating 11 km trek, leading you up to the Kajeri camp at an elevation of 2667m. Here, the mountain vistas are just a teaser of what’s to come.

Day 2: Higher Grounds and Stunning Vistas

As dawn breaks, a hearty breakfast prepares you for the day. The trail beckons, guiding you even higher to the second Kajeri camp at 3383m. This 17 km hike from the mystical Tutum cave will challenge and reward you in equal measure. As night falls, share stories and dreams of the adventures yet to unfold.

Day 3: Delving Deeper into Mount Elgon’s Heart

With the morning sun as your companion, set forth towards the Mude cave camp. This 21 km journey, punctuated by the sights of the proposed Muyembe camp, takes you to an impressive elevation of 3500m. By evening, the Mude camp cradles you in its embrace under a starlit sky.

Day 4: The Summit Challenge

Today’s the day. Feel the thrill as you navigate your way towards the majestic Wagagai peak, standing proudly at 4321m. The path introduces you to landmarks like the Jackson pool at 4050m and the vast Caldera Ridge. After the exhilarating 9 km ascent to the summit, descend back to Mude camp, riding high on a sense of achievement.

Day 5: A Graceful Descent and Fond Farewells

Your final day starts with the promise of one last adventure. You can go through the scenic Sasa River camp at 2900m and face the challenge of the Mudangi Cliff at 2290m. As you reach Bumasola village at 1770m, a comfortable ride awaits to transport you to the Budadiri Uganda Wildlife Authority office, where the final touch of the 5-day Mount Elgon Trek —a certification—awaits.

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