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Mabira Forest Accommodations and Lodging
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The Rain Forest Lodge - Mabira Forest

“A refreshingly quiet experience, total relaxation - a stone's throw from Jinja or Kampala”
“a fantastic place to stay in the middle of the rainforest”

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Lifetime Experience Safaris cannot guarantee that your stay at an accommodation facility will be 100% satisfactory. We can only go on the experience of our guests and their comments and personal visits.  When we recommend a lodging facility it is because many of our customers have spoken or written favorably of this facility. We recommended that you do not have to base expectations on the experience of your country where "everything is available". Try being flexible and have a better understanding of your lodging choice, let the differences be part of your African Adventure. You will be enjoyably surprised by the quality of service you will receive.

The Rain Forest Lodge - Mabira Forest may simply be one of the best examples of ecotourism where the surrounding thick, natural forest is blended with a business idea. .

The Rain Forest LodgeThe Rain Forest Lodge

The Rain Forest LodgeThe Rainforest Lodge is one of the best places to stay in Uganda and it is always a nice escape. The cabins are beautiful and well-integrated into the surrounding rain forest.

The Rainforest Lodge at Mabira Forest is a magical place. It's not far from Kampala or Jinja (about 30-45 minutes) yet it feels like you are nowhere near any city centers. The staff are very amiable and warm. The management give you a majestic experience; very personal. 

There are about 10 cabins, which are just far enough away from the dining/lounge and the pool. If you want to stay the farthest away from people, #5 or #6 would be good choices. All the rooms are designed similarly: large screened windows that The Rain Forest Lodgecan open to the sky, deck with seating for 2, large lounge couch just inside the door, writing desk, large bed (7"x7") with a bed-chest/seat that looks deep into the rainforest, and solar heated water in the showers. The entire lodge is made of wood, which gives it a homey camping type experience. The decor is all locally prescribed from artisans and local vendors; it's not overly done like upscale hotels. 

Rains are normal during mid-day and great to experience while you’re swimming; you can run from the pool to the steaming sauna to get warm. In between, you may sometime hear the Hornbill couples communicating to each other high up in the forest trees. 

the_rain_forest_lodge_poolIt feels as if you are the only ones there! Because of this you are well catered for. The place is exceptionally quiet; you can read in the lounge for hours, take long nature walks, and simply relax near your rooms and on the deck while the Red Tail Monkeys searched for their dailies. 

Although not far from Kampala or Jinja, it is a great place to stay and feel like you are in a distant forest, away from the crowds. Do consider a stay here - it was worth every shilling or dollar!

Rain Forest Lodge 2017 Room Rates

Meal Plan
Single Room/night, Full Board
Double Room/night, Full Board
Full Board

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