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Gorilla Resort (Camp) - Bwindi Gorilla Park, Uganda

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Lodging – Buhoma Sector

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Great place, only a few minutes walk to the national park HQ for gorilla trekking. A base for a birdwatching tour, excellent service and value for money, lovely views of the rain forest from the tent & dining room area and very good food and experience.

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Lifetime Experience Safaris cannot guarantee that your stay at an accommodation facility will be 100% satisfactory. We can only go on the experience of our guests and their comments and personal visits.  When we recommend a lodging facility it is because many of our customers have spoken or written favorably of this facility. We recommended that you do not have to base expectations on the experience of your country where "everything is available". Try being flexible and have a better understanding of your lodging choice, let the differences be part of your African Adventure. You will be enjoyably surprised by the quality of service you will receive.


Gorilla Resort (Up-Market Luxury)

This is a new venture in Buhoma (the gorilla trakking centre of Uganda). This Intimate exclusive high end safari camp with a breath-taking view of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is located at Buhoma - Bwindi Impenetrable Gorilla National Park on a Mountain side.

The camp was designed to blend with the local surroundings. Wherever possible we they used local materials and craftsmen
The Lodge is by the side of the 'main' road through Buhoma and you must descend some steep steps every day and then come back up them. This is usual in Buhoma due to the nature of the topography. Less able people should be aware of this but it is good training for the actual trekking.

GRCThere are around 8 self-contained "Tents/chalets" spread around the site so all are quite private from each other. They contain the usual beds and washroom facilities 'out back' through an insect proof screen. There is even a claw foot bath for your post trek indulgence as well as Washbasin, Vanitory unit and WC. This area is not 'inside' and you can admire the view whilst lounging in your bath.
Lighting is by Solar Panel and hot water supplied from the log fired "Kampala" Boiler at the rear. If anything the Tents could do with some hanging space for clothes etc., and maybe a better table to place your Cameras and Binos on, but this is being a bit picky. There are no nets as it is too cold for Mossies. So much so that when they turn down your bed during dinner they place Hot Water Bottles in the bed but it is not really THAT cold.

There is a platform/verandah for each tent (they are built on stilts due to the slope of the ground) and the flowers and shrubs bustle with birds. Everything from Turacos to Sunbirds. You can bird from your balcony or just kick back & admire the excellent view of the Forest Canopy over the valley. Gorillas and Chimps do actually pasGRbeds close by from time to time depending on where the food supply is ripe. The main lapa/restaurant is comfortably furnished and there is also a bar which may or may not have the brand of beer/softee/ or spirit of your first choice. Food is excellent, prepared to order, but sometime dinner choice is restricted. Pre and post prandial drinks can be taken on a platform outside around the ubiquitous log fire. More birding.
Service by the Manager/staff is beyond reproach and you get the feeling that nothing is too much trouble for them. If its there, its served.
I had left my muddy Boots outside the tent solely for hygiene purposes. When I came back from a meeting in the village they had been cleaned and were spotless. Not seen this kind of service in years.All in all an excellent place and worthy of the name "Resort".
Reasonably priced and excellent value for money. Competition for bed nights will hot up and prices may even come down due to the overcapacity.

If you like to include Gorilla Resort (Camp)- Buhoma sector in your itinerary, please let us know.

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